January 14, 2011

little thieves

Today we were playing in the family room and my hair was getting in my face.  I said that I needed a hair tie, so Chris, being the awesome husband that he is, went to my bathroom to grab me one.  He came back and said their were none in my basket.

Now my cats LOVE hair ties, and I figured there had to be a few lost under the couch that they had stolen.  So I decided it was about time to clean out under there.  And what did we find?

Quite the stash.  Under our couch was:

25 hair ties
15 beer bottle caps
10 water bottle caps
3 dayquil pill wrappers
2 wine corks
2 links
2 furniture leg pads
2 pens
1 sharpie
1 bottle of nail polish
1 yarn pom ball
1 baby bootie
and several small trash items

Before anyone wonders how I didn't notice all this crap under my couch, we have thick carpet, and a couch that sits really low to the ground.  You have to lay on your stomach to see under there, and even then you need a flash light and a stick to get anything out.

Ryann loves picking up little things, so she was pretty excited to see all the stuff come out from under the couch, as were the cats.

Look at all that drool.  Poor thing, the second top tooth is definitely breaking through, you can see a good little bit of it.  But now we are wondering if there are even more trying to make an appearance.  Obviously she still has a lot of teeth to go, but I wish we could get a week or two break between some of them.  I swear she has been living off (some days more than others) Tylenol and teething tablets for almost two months.


Megan said...

We are in the same boat. I feel like since September every time one tooth pops through and we get 1 or 2 nights of semi sleep it starts over. He's had one top tooth SO close to busting through for a week or two now. That can't feel good! It gives me wisdom teeth flashbacks.

Mrs. D said...

HAHA!! My husband & I laughed so hard at this post. {not the teething part. poor girl} She's so cute.

Kalen said...

Laughed out loud on this one! Then I read it to my husband and he was laughing, too, without even seeing the pictures. He said, "It sounds like they have a preference for certain things..." hah! I miss having cats. :(

SingleMamaAdventures said...

I love cats and can't wait to get another one. Our cat stole my sons five dollars and we haven't found it in a year.
Btw your daughter is too cute! I'm going thru some teething now so I understand what you going thru.