January 9, 2011

i'm alive

Not that you noticed but I promise I haven't disappeared. We were in Colorado all week. Chris was interviewing for residencies, so Ryann, my mom and I took the opportunity to visit family. It was a fun week but it is good to be back in Kansas.

I may or may not get a real post with pictures up soon. Today I'm going to be rooting for a Chiefs and a Jayhawk victory!

Enjoy your Sunday :)

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Ashley said...

Colorado?!?! Fun...but won't you miss KS? Is he applying to places close to home too

Anonymous said...

so jealous...I'd love to live in Colorado! DH keeps looking at plots of land to buy so we can build one day....have fun!!

Ashley said...

Chris interviewed in Kansas as well, he just wanted to see if there was anywhere in Colorado he would like. Fortunately for me, he liked the programs in Kansas better :o).