January 20, 2011

embrace the camera

Please ignore the fact that my hair is kind of insane, the fact that I have no neck (stupid sweatshirt), the fact that I'm not wearing any make-up... oh and the fact that my daughter looks like she is going to punch you in the face.

She wasn't exactly feeling like embracing the camera today :o).


meaghan said...

love this post!! Ry's face in that first picture is precious :) can't wait to squeeze her again soon!

Mom2One said...

Adorable. =)

Jeane said...

Love her punching face :-)

Cute pictures!

AmyLee said...

oh my gosh, i totally laughed out loud at the "punching the camera". awesome.

thanks so much for you comment today... i'm already feeling much better about it all!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! I can't wait to participate this week. What a great challenge!