January 18, 2011

i hate coming up with titles.

Sometimes when I'm writing a post for the blog the title comes naturally.  Sometimes when I have a bunch of random stuff to say, I just want to title it random.  But then half of my posts would be random.  And I don't really feel like this is a 'this and that' post, because well, I don't.  I seriously hate coming up with titles for posts.

Oh, a day in the life was supposed to run tomorrow, but because I have no idea what the date is, I accidentally set it to run this morning.  And then I couldn't make it come back off the blog to wait until tomorrow.  So... oh well.  Hope you enjoyed reading about Genevieve's day.

Sleep training is still going.  I'm not really in the mood to go in to full details right now, but I promise I'll write up another post soon.  Last night was the first time we had to really deal with a middle of the night waking since we started on Friday, so needless to say we are all pretty exhausted and puffy eyed.

Instead I'll tell you about Sunday.  Minus having to listen to my baby cry and me not feeling very well, Sunday was a pretty good day :o).  For the first time since Ryann was born, I was alone in our house.  Whenever I get 'me' time, I usually go somewhere, but I had been craving just being able to be at home by myself.  Chris was surprised when he realized that I hadn't been home alone.  So Sunday after Ryann woke up from a nap, they loaded up and went to the grocery store, and then stopped at the pet store to look around.

It took me a bit to decide how I wanted spend my hour.  I could have taken a shower, or taken a nap, but honestly?  I wanted to clean.  The way our house is set up isn't really conducive to cleaning while my incredibly light sleeper of a child is napping.  So I dusted our bedroom, picked up some junk, cleaned out my closet, and a few other things.  It felt so good.  Chris promised to take Ryann to the pet store a couple more times before he has to go back to school in February so I can get some more cleaning and picking up done.  It made me so happy!  Ha ha.

Side note, Chris said Ryann picked out a black lab puppy and a ferret at the pet store that she wanted to bring home.  I voted no.  Also, Chris let Ryann 'pick out' some flowers at the grocery store to bring home to me.  How sweet is that?

Sunday afternoon the three of us headed over to Pottery Barn Kids to pick up this crib sheet and this towel.  Ryann has a sheet like that on the pack and play at my parents house and it seemed so soft, so we looked for one to put in her crib at home.  It definitely stays warmer than a regular sheet.  When we started sleep training we decided we needed to take her out of a sleep sack, because she was tripping over it while she was standing up and yelling, so we were looking for ways to keep her warmer.  We now put two pairs of pajamas on her at night, a regular cotton pair, and a fleece pair.

After Pottery Barn Kids, we went to Target and wandered around for a little while.  We played with all the ridiculous singing toys in toy aisle.  That kept Ryann entertained for a bit.  I will say, walking down the doll aisle is a little creepy.  There are so many dolls that move when you walk by, and a bunch of dolls saying peek-a-boo and giggling feels a little Chuckiesque to me.

Not too shabby of a day.  It is amazing what getting out of the house for a while does for your morale.  Too bad it is so freaking cold which makes me want to stay inside all the time.

And now for some pictures that have absolutely no relation to this post at all :o).

 just hanging in the ball pit, having a good time
 having way to much playing with the blinds
 obviously the most effective way to play with your toys

And now I'm off to bed with my fingers crossed that I don't hear a peep from this precious little thing until after 5:30am.


Julie S. said...

The pink and white striped outfit is SO cute! I LOVE IT! And YAY that you had some time alone at home. I need that too, every once in awhile.

Nicole said...

Hope you had a good, restful night!

Nikki said...

Hope she sleeps the night away and you wake up shocked that you haven't had to wake up yet.