January 13, 2011

embrace the camera

Oh our goofy little girl.  She was waving at her daddy while he was taking the pictures :o).

Tried to get a little bit better light... squished faces and more waving :o).

And we had to squeeze one in with her daddy... :o)

I really want to start taking pictures of things we do throughout the day, rather than just the headshots, but at least we are embracing the camera right?


Martha said...

Your little girl is such a cutie! Great pictures too.
~a fellow {embracer}

Kat said...

Love her scrunchy face - so adorable!!!

Mom2One said...

So adorable. Goodness seems like yesterday my lil' man-on-the-go was a baby just like yours. Now he's talking in sentences, and "flying" off the couch and stuff. Enjoy it. It really does go fast. You have a beautiful family!

Melissa said...

Very cute. I think I need to start throwing in some pics of my kids and my husband also. Love it.

Angelica said...

Cute!!! Beautiful family!