January 11, 2011

hello snow!

Kansas got a good pile of the white stuff (as did much of the country I hear), so we headed over to Babies R Us and grabbed a snowsuit on clearance.  I figured Ry loved being outside, this would be so fun for her to go out in the snow...

She was 100% less than thrilled.  She was having a really hard time sitting up in all that puffiness, and she was mad that I made her wear a hat... and probably that she had socks on her hands because we didn't have mittens... :o).  But I snapped a couple of pics which was really my goal all along anyway, so whatever.

And for those of you thinking Chris is crazy in just his tshirt, he had been shoveling my parents driveway for a couple hours.  I'm pretty sure he should have still been wearing a coat, but I guess he is a big boy that can make his own decisions!  Ha ha.

Today we made a trip to the doctor for Ryann's nine month appointment.  She weighed in at 19lbs 13oz, and was 28.25in long.  So we were pretty close in our estimations.  We briefly discussed Ryann's distaste for solids, but honestly she didn't really offer me the help I was looking for.  I don't think anyone understands how much Ry hates having stuff put in her mouth.  But she did suggest offering her salty and sour items, and trying to make putting things in her mouth fun (was I trying to make it torture?  I didn't think so...).  We also discussed sleep training, and her doctor suggested we read Ferber's book.  So it is on it's way from Amazon.  Oy.

And just for fun, here are a couple of pictures I took today.

 Can you see her tooth on top?  The other one has broken through the gums, and then disappeared under the swelling twice :o(.  I think it is on it's way out for the final time though.

Today she started really clicking her tongue, so she was laughing at herself why she was doing it.  Super cute.  Last week she also started shaking her head in the no motion.  It is pretty funny.  I doubt she has any idea that it means no, but occasionally is seems like she is responding to something I ask or tell her to do.  Ry is also waving and clapping more.  She alternates between a full out arm wave, and just opening and closing her fingers, but I'm pretty sure she is utilizing both as a wave.  Then again, what do I know :o).


Melissa said...

Those snow pictures are awesome!!

And I can't believe how many teeth Ry has! Alice is still toothless.

You may want to check out wholesomebabyfood.com about the food aversion stuff. I don't know if they'd have any answers there, but it may be worth a shot.

Kat said...

Love the snow pictures - they totally made me laugh with her expressions!

How cute her little teeth, owie on the one tooth coming out and back in a couple times!!!

SJ said...

She's so sweet! And definitely not thrilled with the snow.

Anonymous said...

Aw, such a sweet girl! I feel the same way about snow - I'm pretty sure that's what my face looked like this morning, in fact.

My husband and I used the Ferber method with our daughter and while it was difficult to get through, it did work. I hope you find what works right for your family!

Whitney said...

I love the sled pictures! I'm sure these will be some of her favorites someday.

Aja said...

That first picture in the snow is priceless! The look she's giving you says it all.. :) So cute!