February 18, 2011

embrace the camera

I'm a little (a lot) late on this post, but I'm busy wrapping things in yarn.  Sorry.  :o)

She points and talks about everything.  Trees, people, cars, animals, various other things that we can't figure out exactly what she is pointing at.  But her finger is always ready to go.


Thanks to the gorgeous weather we saw in the midwest on Thursday, Ryann got her first ride in the swings.  She LOVED it.  For about 30 seconds, until she tipped forward and nailed her face on the front of the swing.  Thankfully there was a little boy running around that kept her occupied, so she lasted a few minutes before she really wanted out.

Oh well.  Better luck next time.


Oh man, can you tell that I edited these really quickly?  I was trying to get them uploaded before Ryann and I left for my parent's house earlier today.  Chris is working the night shift again, so we came to hang out with people who won't be sleeping all day :o).

Ryann was so cute on the way to and from the park.  She was in the stroller pointing and saying 'Ohh, Ohh!'  I was cracking up.

Ok, back to things made out of yarn...


Lauren said...

These are adorable pictures! & I LOVE all of Ry's outfits. Especially her cute gold shoes with her chubby feet bulging out ;)

p.s. do you have an e-mail I can contact you & we can talk about how you sleep trained Ry? I NEED advice on how to make her nap...OR you can just e-mail me & i'll respond :)


Joi said...

Her little gold shoes are too cute!

Former Fat Bride said...