January 23, 2012

good news and bad news

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Let's start with with the good news.  In the last week and a half I've had 3 pretty decent runs.  A 7 miler and a 4 miler at a 9:02 pace, and then another 7 miler yesterday at an 8:59 pace. Not to mention yesterday I had a running buddy (hi Jill!).  7 miles is much more appealing when there is someone to talk to.  I did learn, however, that I am NOT used to talking while running.  I'm sure Jill thought I was going to die or something while I was huffing and puffing and trying to hold a conversation.

Yesterday was definitely a good day to have a running buddy.  Looking at the weather app on my phone, it was one of those mornings that I would have most likely said screw it and just did a few miles on the treadmill.  Felt like 32, winds at 20-22mph and a chance for rain.  Yes, sounds thrilling doesn't it?  But funny thing, I didn't actually have Jill's phone number (we arranged our little running date on facebook) so I couldn't text her and back out.  That is a great thing, because really the weather wasn't bad at all.  It wasn't too chilly, we didn't get rained on, and I only noticed the wind a couple times.  I'm looking forward to more running dates.

Now the bad news.  Yesterday while we were running Jill mentioned that the half marathon I was planning to run in April had sold out.  I went home and checked and yep, sure enough all of the spots sold out Friday night.  And no, I had not signed up yet.  I have a hard time committing to a race too early on, because they aren't cheap and what if I get hurt, or Chris doesn't have the day off and my parents can't watch Ryann, or a million other things.  I knew I couldn't wait as long for this one (I didn't sign up for my last half until a week before the race!) but I thought 5-8 weeks out would be fine.  Apparently I was wrong.

The other bad thing?  The only other half in the area this spring (that I know of) is the following weekend.  Great, except we will be at a wedding in Emporia.  I might be able to make it work, but Christopher wouldn't be able to come (not that big of a deal but of course I love his support!) and I'm just not sure driving back and forth and probably not getting enough sleep would be the best set up for me to PR.  And if I'm not going to PR why go to all the trouble?  That's not saying I'll never run a race if I think I might not beat my previous time, but in this situation it probably wouldn't be worth it.  Bah.  We will see.  If you happen to know of a half marathon in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka or Omaha area mid March-May (except the weekend of April 21st) let me know!

I guess I do have one more good thing to share.  I called my mom yesterday complaining about not being able to sign up for the race.  I said something about how it isn't like I've been going out for 7-8 mile runs for fun.  Except then I realized, I kind of have been.  In the last few months there has been no real need for me to do a run longer than 5 miles (I suppose there hasn't been a need for me to do a run at all, other than for fitness reasons).  3-5 miles would have definitely maintained my running base and allowed me to jump into a decent training program whenever.  But I'm really really starting to love long runs.  I have such a sense of accomplishment when I'm done.  Especially if I've had a great pace.  Not to mention I love the extra calories it provides me that day.

Yes, my legs hurt.  Yes, it can time consuming.  Yes, sometimes I'd rather just be lazy with Chris and Ryann on a Sunday morning.  But dare I say it?


I think I've gone crazy.

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Lindsay said...

Sorry about the race being sold out, that's a total bummer :( Long runs are still way out in my future...heck, I'm still thinking a 6 minute run is crazy ;) Good job for still getting out there and running and braving the elements just because you LOVE it :) That's awesome!

Thanks for the new button!

Amanda said...

I am always putting off signing up for a race, then I never go :( Hopefully I can do the next race I've set out for which is in March.
& I hope you can find a race! I am sure you already do this, but have you tried Active.com?

Ashlet said...

I'll start linking next week, but my good news is I'm down 3.8lbs from last week! In addition to being on day 6 of the 30 Day Shred, I'm running and doing the elliptical at the gym. This is the first major loss I've had and I'm really seeing results. Yay! Goodbye baby weight!

Kelly said...

What a bummer about the race :( sorry girl. The good news is, you've been training and you're doing such a great job! Race or not, the runs keep you fit and healthy and there's always next time!

Courtney B said...

This post makes me miss running so much! I got a dumb knee injury and am just waiting for it to heal so I can run again!
What a bummer that the race you wanted to do is sold out :(

Sharstin said...

so glad you met up with a running pal! i really look forward to the long weekend runs with pals---its so fun~ i hope you can find a half you can make work!! ps--working on a running post with some examples of tempo run and such:)

EmilyE said...

Not sure how you feel about Lincoln but there is one on May 6th there. http://www.halfmarathons.net/index.html

Jennifer said...

the same thing has happened to me and it is a huge bummer! Good luck finding a replacement race!

Anonymous said...

Bummer on the race. I think the Lincoln 1/2 is already sold out but maybe not. I think that one sells out really quickly. And I'm not sure when Omaha's is but I think it's in the spring as well. I just ran one out in Phoenix and loved it but had a dream last night I was running another one this weekend and was NOT ready for it! So guess I'm needing to break for a bit. So proud of your new love and your drive to run!