January 15, 2012

project 366

Decided to get myself up to date and edit and publish these last three photos.  I still can't decide if I want to post them daily or once a week.  Would it drive you all nuts to have the pictures come up daily?  Obviously it is my blog and I can do what I want :o) but I'm going to have these pictures either way.  I know it sometimes gets a little outta hand for me when bloggers have a bajillion posts, so I thought I'd ask.


Seriously.  My kid is ridiculous.  She has asked for a lemon multiple times.  I'm pretty sure half of it is because she likes the reaction she gets from her goofy faces, but she must love torturing herself with the sourness!


mandie lane said...

Love 'em! That beach one is perfection. And I vote weekly. ;)

And I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner to your comment about guest blogging! (If you've been reading, you know why. GAH!) Anyway, sounds fun! fraziermandie@gmail.com

Megan said...

Love these pics!!!

Mrs. Jenna Lou said...

Love the lemon picture!

Amber said...

such cute pictures!