January 22, 2012

week in iphone pics

Whoa, I actually took enough pictures this week that I felt the need to break it up into days.  Major improvement from the last few weeks :o).


Shoot.  I 100% want to go back to Georgia right now.  We wandered around outside, played at the park and hit up the beach in the afternoon.  Dear friends and family, let's all pack up and move to a warmer location.  I want to go, but don't want to go alone!


Oh yes, those views?  I saw them will I was running.  Makes me really want to go outside here in Kansas in the 30 degree or less weather with 20 mile per hour winds and run for 6+ miles.  Not.  Oy.  I swear I'll stop complaining soon :o).  Another day in Georgia where we spent a lot of time playing outside.  It was lovely.  And Ryann killed me with cuteness.  I couldn't get over the cape and the boots.


On our way back to Kansas.  The real iphone excitement of Tuesday, was the free CamWow app (hence the giant logo) I downloaded.  I thought it might keep Ryann entertained for a bit.  I was right.  It didn't take her long to figure out how to aim it at her face and snap away.  Chris says these pictures creep him out, but whatever.  I find them hilarious.



Ryann was incredibly cranky Wednesday morning so we spent a little while watching Mickey Mouse in the bed.  I thought maybe I could sneak in the last pages of the Hunger Games while she watched, but whenever I had that book out she wanted to 'read' it.  Silly girl.  She isn't supposed to climb on the fireplace, so when I caught her I asked her to get down.  Her response?  "But mama I sittin' wif my friends!" aka all of her Little People animals and such.  I think she was actually sitting on them but whatever.  1500+ sheets of tissue paper showed up at my door.  A million tissue poms here I come!  Oh sidenote, supposedly the polka dot paper and the green paper on the left are both 'citrus' green.  Really?  I think not.  And my laundry helper is pretty cute.


Ryann is getting rather skilled with the camera on my phone.  I had to help her steady it, but she opened the app and said "I take picture of mama?"  Not too shabby little one.  But try to avoid the up angle ok?  Not my best look :o).  I was distracted doing something, I can't remember what, but it got incredibly quiet.  Apparently Ryann got into the bag of party supplies I found leftover from her first birthday party.  She told me she was having a picnic with her friends.  While we were baking she was eating some of the broken pretzels I was putting on top of the brownies.  She held up each piece and told me what it looked like, usually a letter (and she was usually right, it did look like a J or an M or something!).  This particular pretzel apparently looked like a telephone.  She held it up to her ear and said, "Hello?  Oh ok.  Buh bye!"  Christopher and I had Jimmy John's for dinner that night.  She stuck the stickers on her arm and said "I'm going runnin'. This is my runnin' watch."  Tee hee, love her.


Err, we may have been in the bed watching more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I really try to avoid the TV with her, but that stupid mouse makes her so flipping happy.  Apparently the dolls in Target creep her out.  She thought she was being hilarious, smiling with grapes in her mouth and all.  And honestly I can't remember what her and Christopher were doing, but they were having a good time.


Saturday we had a nice lazy day around the house for the most part.  Then we took Christopher's mom out for a nice belated birthday dinner.  But the only phone pictures I took were these post bath gems.  You know you want to be friends with us.  I love my little family :o).

And now I must attend to the wee one.  She is in her crib singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her lungs.  Apparently it is morning time!


Lindsay said...

Super cute family pictures! Great vacation pictures too, looked like so much fun :)

meaghan said...

Love the bathtime pics! Looks like a good week!