January 24, 2012

this and that

::  Last night I was washing dishes at the sink while Chris and Ryann were playing a game that was some sort of combination of chase/peekaboo/tickling/who knows what.  Her little feet were thumping all over the hardwood.  There was lots of giggles.  She would run in the kitchen and hide between my legs, peek out, and when Chris would jump out from around the corner she would dissolve into a pile of laughter and they would be off and running again.

It was one of those moments that just makes my heart swell.  Days can be rough.  Not everything is perfect.  But I have much more than I need.  And my little family makes me so incredibly happy.

::  Thank you Baby Gap for creating clothing that perfectly matches the color scheme for Ryann's birthday party at just the right time.  Now I just have to decide what exactly I want her to wear.  I think no matter what she will have a pair of those purple jeans.  Because whether I like it or not, apparently purple is her favorite color.  And those are adorable!


::  Speaking of the birthday party, why do all things alphabet related have to only come in primary colors?  It is making me life just a wee bit more difficult.

::  Lately I've been letting Ryann take a shower with me in the evening.  Sometimes it is just more efficient to get us both clean at the same time.  Not to mention now she actually likes the shower as opposed to screaming her head off if I take her in there.  Well last night she was overly excited about the upcoming shower and was more or less yelling at me to take my clothes off and get the heck in the shower.  When I finally was in my birthday suit she slapped my naked butt and said "yes!  mommy naked!"  Awkward much?

::  I've read a few articles in the last week related to kids and parenting.  I found them all interesting, helpful, and in one instance highly entertaining.  If you haven't come across them you should definitely take a minute to read them!

::  I'm in the market for a new diaper bag.  Or a second diaper bag I guess.  I want to have the option to take a backpack diaper bag with me if need be.  I've seen the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags of course, but any other suggestions for a backpack diaper bag I should take a peek at?

::  Well I finally got on instagram.  But I am having a hard time using it over my hipstamatic app.  I'm just so used to hipstamatic.  Plus sometimes I take like 4 or 5 shots of the sameish thing on my phone, and I don't want those to automatically go through to me feed (not that anyone is following me right now, but you know...) so I'm taking pictures with my regular iphone camera and then putting one or two into instagram.  Have any of you tried out instaplus?  Or I suppose I could continue using hipstamatic and just upload the photos I really want to share into instagram.  Seems so complicated, doesn't it?

:: I've still been to lazy to edit a bunch of my Georgia pictures.  But here are a few where I was practicing shooting into the sun.  Beach pictures can be tough with the sun being so bright, so I figured I'd play around with some other angles.


::  Do you wear leggings?  What is your favorite brand?  I tried really hard at making myself get dressed regularly, because I don't want to look like a slob, but if we are just going to be around the house sweatpants are way more comfortable.  I'm trying to compromise with leggings.

::  Happy Tuesday!


Amy said...

Don't Carpe Diem was an amazing read. That ruffly shirt is too cute!

Expat Girl said...

Madison has that cardigan that Ryann is wearing, I love it!

christa said...

I hear ya about not wearing sweatpants all the time. I work 3 days a week and on the other four, I can be found in some version of sweatpants for most of the day.

Anonymous said...

Do yoga pants from Gap, American Eagle, or Victoria's secret. They're my fav.

Lindsay said...

I'm on Instagram and I take the picture, mess with my filters then once it's posted I immediately just delete it so the folks who follow me aren't overwhelmed with all my Rawley pics and then I can just post them on my iphone weekly post instead ;0) It's an extra step which is kinda annoying, but I'm too cheap to buy Hipstamatic ;0) Super cute clothing choices for Ryann, I love that ruffle tank you chose! Things like that make me sad I have a boy sometimes ;) Gorgeous beach pics!

Erin said...

I LOVED all 3 of those articles - read them all in the last few weeks too :)

That ruffly top..... oh I love it. Might have to get that one for Annie this summer!

The things Annie says to me when she sees me naked are a bit .... unnerving. She's still obsessed with boobies, and if I'm ever wearing a low cut top, she pulls it out and says BOOBIES! to one, and then "OTHER BOOBY!" Oh man. I can't WAIT to hear what she'll say when she sees me nursing her baby bro..... should be awesome :)

Megan said...

Oh goodness. Seriously just laughed out loud here at work reading that!

I get all my leggings at Target. Not much of a color selection but you can't beat $8. Plus, putting those on with a comfy sweater at least makes me feel like I got dressed some days, while still being super comfy! Works well in this unpredictable Kansas weather.

Amber said...

such adorable clothes!

For instagram-I use it a good bit as well as camera+. I have not heard of that app but will have to try it out:)

Lauren said...

Ashley, Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are on sale today on Ruelala.com. Here's an invite in case you need one http://www.ruelala.com/invite/lrenz941

Tammy said...

Hi! Love your blog! Those clothes are WAY too cute and fun for spring. I've really gotten sloppy at home in my sweats every.single.day. I use the excuse that I'm pregnant with #2, but really it must stop. I can at least put on leggings and a big sweater!

All About Aiden... Always! said...

I read those articles too! so good!

We like to do showers too... much faster :) Except recently Aiden is getting REALLY curious about boy/girl private parts. He is noticing that his body is different than mommy's... I get super awkward when he asks and usually just try to quick change the subject! I need to read up on how to properly explain privates to toddlers because Im really not sure :)

Those outfits from GAP are adorable! That ruffley shirt is to die for!

My favorite leggings are from target... Im such a cheap-o. I get the cropped ones because my legs are short and they hit me right at a good spot to wear them with boots or flats. I love the wide waist band too!!

Lauren said...

Ha ha, that cracked me up! Thanks for sharing the articles. I don't have one, but I have heard good things about the JuJu Be bags.

Jo said...

Haha... The shower comment totally had me laugh out loud. That Ryann sounds like she has some spunk. What a cutie.

Sarah and Derek said...

LOL!! Slightly awkward shower. Ryann loves purple because she likes K-State! I got nothing for diaper bags or leggings. I love my leggings but can't remember where I bought them, Forever 21??

Sara said...

Love the outfit combos from Gap! Great color scheme for a birthday party!

Regarding the PPB boxy backpack: I have one and I just don't love it. They're super cute and trendy, but I have a few negatives to share.

- The velcro is obnoxious. It's super strong and loud. It sticks to everything including whatever I'm wearing and/or trying to get in and out of the back. The flap is just awkward.
- While the wipe off fabric is nice, it makes the bag really stiff and will also make you sweat like a crazy woman when wearing the bag as a backpack. I can't wear it for outings at all or I instantly have a sweaty back.

Just wanted to share since they aren't cheap! I think Ju Ju Be makes a backpack diaper bag and people rave about that brand.

Amy said...

Yeah Ryann for liking purple!! One smart cookie right there :)

I like Target leggings too, and actually one of my favorite pairs is the NO BOUNDARIES brand from Walmart, SUPER cheap!

Meredith said...

I don't really wear leggings out and about, but I actually really like the Danskin ones (from Wal-Mart) for working out and/or lounging at home. They aren't super low cut, which I totally appreciate.

Also? Hilarious about what Ryann said when you were naked, and those outfits from Baby Gap are so stinking cute!

Lane said...

I love the color scheme for her birthday & that ruffle shirt is to die for! Have you thought about spray painting (if your able) things you find for her party that are not in the right colors? It is always my go-to cheap easy fix!

loverstreet said...

i am at two ends of the cost scale on leggings: target and pure and simple. cheap and not so cheap.

my main priority is a wide waistband, because i HATE (yes mom, i chose that word because i really mean it) a narrow piece of elastic that digs in and causes a muffin top. so that is my opinion on leggings...

Anonymous said...

After 4 kids I've found that any backpack I like can be a diaper bag. Also, sometimes for quick trips (like dr. office or grocery store) I like a big pocketbook that I can just throw in a diaper, a bottle/or sippy, & a couple of wipes in a ziploc bag.

Anonymous said...

that was not meant to be a reply...one of my gremlins hit it when I wasn't looking! ha ha

Sharstin said...

ah--love those picts of Ry~ her b-day part is going to be darling i have no doubt. Loving all the cute skinnys from gap! i need to follow you on insta--i just joined up too!

Ashley said...

Thanks for all the tips on the leggings ladies! I will have to try some out.

Sara- thanks for the info about the PPB bags. I have a feeling I wouldn't really like them. The fabric is ADORABLE, but I could just tell something wasn't quite right for me. Still on the hunt!

Lauren- Thanks for the invite!