January 28, 2012

week in iphone pics

Well, I've decided I have a love/hate relationship with instagram (if you really want to follow my feed, look for thedomesticwannabe.  and be prepared for a slew of pictures of Ryann.).  And part of it may be I just don't really know what I'm doing, so throw out some pointers if you've got any.

I love being able pick the filter after the fact.  So really I can just take pictures on the regular camera, and deal with making them pretty when I have time.  I also love the little blur feature.  I've probably overused it already.  I don't love not being able to pick the specific frame I want.  I really like the consistency I've had with my hipstamatic 'prints'.  It is driving me nuts that these don't all look the same.  I suppose I could solve that problem by not having a frame on any of them at all, but sometimes I want the frame, you know?  And that blur feature, can you change the size of the area that isn't affected?

The other thing that drives me nuts is that the images aren't all the same size.  As in when I went to edit the photos and make these collages I had to spend time adjusting the image size on each file so I could put them all in one place.  Not the end of the world, just an extra step I didn't have before.

Ok moving on, our week via my phone!


Ryann was basically a goober all day.  We had a playdate, but I couldn't get a decent picture on my phone.  Ryann and Daddy had a tickle fight.  Nothing crazy.


I will never understand why she loves to sleep with her face stuff in the corner.  It's tough to see but her little bum is sticking up in the air and she is face down in the top right corner.  I was just trying to take a picture of all the beads Ryann made me wear at 7:30am, but she decided to eat them.  I have no idea.  Shopping with the grammy!  Ryann cracked herself up throughout Hobby Lobby and found some shades she absolutely had to have at Baby Gap.  While Ryann napped we started on some birthday party tissue poms.  And just a sweet smile to send to daddy.


Ryann woke up with some crazy hair.  One side had gone completely flat, the other was a crazy curly mess.  We visited a playtime at the museum with our friends.  Ryann and I hit up where else, Target.  And do you see the yogurt melt hat on her head?  She was very proud.


Ryann told Chris she wanted to construct mommy out of the blocks.  This is what they came up with.  Looks just like me, doesn't it?  Ryann and I drove to Grammy's house.  Well, I drove.  She snoozed.  Grammy put together an entire playroom for Ryann, complete with a little table with a roll of paper for stickers and coloring.  Ryann is one lucky little girl.


Ryann learned to make a really awesome and very pretty face...  I was trying to make her smile, and obviously she thought I was nuts.  Giraffes in the grocery store, ahh!  :o)  And mini tissue poms.  Lots of them.  Thanks to my bestie and my mom for helping my absurd birthday party ideas come to life.



Oh my little musician :o).  And apparently the baskets aren't just for toys and beanie babies.

And that pretty much sums up our week!  Actually there was a lot of crankiness and a few tears this week.  Mostly from Ryann, possibly a little bit from me.  I *think* her last set of molars are starting to come in.  She always has her hand shoved down her throat, and her emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I can't keep up.  I'm praying it is her molars and that they just come in and get it over with.  Not that this is just her being a toddler.  Oy.  I can only take so much!

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Kelly said...

If you use your two fingers to hold the circle and pull it apart the blur will get bigger or smaller. You can also use the line blur and change the angle or direction by holding it with both fingers and moving it around. I am addicted to instagram so if you have anymore problems let me know!

Jennifer said...

I use instagram all the time and had no idea you could blur stuff!!! I'm following you @jennx88x

Amber said...

Love these pictures! I too have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I hate that I can't customise the settings and stopped using it once I discovered Camera+. It doesn't have the same community as Instagram, but I love all of the features :)

Sacha♥ said...

lovely photos. your little girl is adorable.

love your blog :D

Stacey said...

The Lego block thing of you is great! She's very perceptive for her age.... Smart girl!!

Amber said...

Im another one who didnt realize you could blur things will have to check it out!

Have you ever used Picframe for the collages? You can do the collages on the phone and its just one step to making it easier on you.