January 15, 2012

week in iphone pics

Eh, still too lazy to break it up into days.  Some days I had three or four photos, and a couple days I only had one.  But honestly I think I've been so lax with the iphone pictures lately, because Chris has had more time off the past month.  Now he is back in a very time consuming rotation, so I'm trying to take more pictures to be able to text him.

January 8th - 14th

Let's see, the pictures with the flower bib?  I was snacking on some Pirates Booty Christopher bought, Ryann saw them and said "Lil Crunchies!"  She used to LOVE the crunchies by Gerber, but we stopped buying them because she loved them a little too much.  I let her eat some, she was very happy :o).

The cranky face?  Apparently she didn't want to shop at Target that day.  Seriously, who doesn't want to shop at Target?  Things that do make Ryann happy... giant teddy bears, her daddy, Kung Fu Panda coloring books, the beach, bath tub finger paints and her owl towel.

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misc.alaina said...

Ohh, the beach pictures are beautiful!! She has the cutest little facial expressions!