January 16, 2012

Hello from the land of all things fried and buttered!  Also known as Georgia :o).  Yes I'm sure there are places in Georgia where you can get a healthy meal, but around here I just haven't found it, unless it is iceberg lettuce with a light raspberry vinagrette.  That gets old pretty fast.

I felt like I had just sort of 'cleansed' my body, and now I've gone and filled it up with junk again.  Nobody's fault but my own, but man.  I feel kind of gross.  Thankfully there shouldn't be any events or holidays (besides Valentines Day & Ryann's birthday) so hopefully when I get home it will be all fruit and veggies and lean protein.

The incredibly nice thing about being out here in St. Simons?  It is FLAT.  Yesterday I went out for a seven mile run, and finished with a 9:02 pace.  I definitely wish I was going to be around when I needed to do a 10-12 miler!  Then again I suppose that doesn't simulate race conditions very well now does it?  Neither does running by the ocean, but that definitely makes the run a whole lot more enjoyable :o).

A week from today I officially start training for half marathon number two.  I'm mildly dreading the time commitment, but overall I am very excited.  For my training, I am combining some elements from Hal Higdon's novice program with elements from his intermediate program.  While I was linking those I also discovered he does now have a novice 2 program for the half, but I think I'll stick to what I already have written out.  Side note, I did see that there are also interactive training apps (located on the home page).  If you're planning on training for a half or a full and using one of his programs, definitely something to check out!  After the half I'll be sure to share my training plan and how it went.  My goal is to go sub 2, hopefully maintaining a 9 minute (or less!) mile. 

Anyone else training for spring races?  Are you using a specific plan?


christa said...

I'm training for a few halfs this spring. First one April 14, and then May 2. Jeleous of your running in Georgia, it has to be warmer than the below 0 weather we've been getting in VT!!

Amanda said...

I am from GA and I have been to KS with my hubby for work a few times and when we went out to eat some people that were with us tried to order sweet tea and it wasn't on the menu! I also have to agree with you on the fried thing, everything here is fried (something I have been cutting out) so it is definitely difficult!

I imagine in St. Simmons all of the yummy seafood is hard to resist!

Lindsay said...

Great job going for your 2nd half! That's awesome! I'm currently training for my first half in June. I'm so nervous and so excited at the same time. Honestly, reading your blog has inspired me to do this so thank you :)

Have fun in Georgia!