January 1, 2012

i'm proud of 2011

Don't get me wrong, 2011 definitely had it's rough patches, there is no doubt about it.  Christopher starting residency was very hard on my dependent self.  But overall?  I'd say I did pretty good this past year.  More on that soon (hopefully), but for now I wanted to recap my favorite posts from 2011.


I successfully crafted something I was super proud of.  I love my pink ruffle wreath!  And OMG I about died looking at the photos in this post.


Again, this post, simply because those are some of my favorite photos of Ryann.  Also, it was the end of February that I decided it was time to get my butt in gear and off the couch.  Telling the interwebs about it was probably one of the most difficult, most rewarding and most motivational things I've ever done.


Ryann turned one.  It made me all mushy emotional.  We had a pretty sweet owl party.  Bam.  (And technically the birthday party post was from April, but the party was in March.  I can do that, I decided.)


Ryann started walking and I celebrated my 25th birthday (oops, that post is from May, oh well).  And looking back at how Ryann used to talk?  Love it.


Definitely a great month.  I ran a 5k, and ran the entire distance the first time ever.  And Christopher graduated from medical school.  Whoot!


We traveled to my parents vacation home in Georgia for the first time.  Ryann loved the beach!!  My three part recap is here, here and here.  Also, I finally felt like I was seeing progress with my weight loss.  I braved a bikini on the beach and shared my before photo.


So incredibly proud of the 10k I ran in July.  That race made me fall in love with running, or really, become addicted to it, and proved that I was stronger than I believed.  Also I made some yummy chocolate chip zucchini banana bread.  I need to make some of that again...


We celebrated Christopher's 26th birthday, not in crazy way or anything, but celebrated nonetheless.  Also?  I hit my weight loss goal.  Bam.  Ryann started MDO, it made me emotional.  Oh also?  I tried to make a fool out of myself by writing a really long post about my hair.  But to tell you the truth it was kind of fun.


I finally took some time to sit down and put all my favorite baby gear items in one place.  I'm sure I already have more things to add or change on that list, but I'm happy I have it all recorded and I hope it has been mildly helpful to someone out there!  Also, I officially decided that I am runner.  I will proudly list that as one of my favorite hobbies.  Oh, and we took Ryann to the Omaha Zoo, and that special little 'o' face she wore in amazement all day was awesome.


Lets see, we took another great trip to Gerogia.  I puked emotional word vomit into this post, and am was so incredibly grateful for all the responses I received.  You all are amazing.  And, um, I ran a half marathon.  Yep 13.1 miles.  I freaking did it.  Completing that half marathon definitely ranks up there with getting married and having a baby.  I am so proud to say I did it. 


Ryann really started to fall in love with painting.  I love that she enjoys artsy/craftsy things :).  I also love this Thanksgiving post, mostly because it was the first time I got Ryann's hair into piggies.


Mirror shots with my baby girl?  They are some of my favorites.  I finally got my craft on in a glittery way.  Christopher's tall friends may not appreciate it, but it definitely makes me happy!  And even though Ryann was a little under the weather, I really enjoyed Christmas this year, photo dumps here and here.


Whit said...

I cannot believe how much Ryann has grown. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog and am able to follow along!

Lindsay said...

What a great year! A very inspirational year at that! Great job for all your accomplishments, it's been fun and motivation watching it all evolve :)

jessi ♥ said...

I love your pink wreath! Is there a tutorial for it? Ryann has changed so much!

Meredith said...

I love these year-in-review posts! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for your fam :)

meaghan said...

What a great year! Your family is just beautiful :) Congrats on reaching your goals!

Sharstin said...

Now that is a year girly! Way to go, I know you have a great year ahead!!

Ashley said...


If you click through to the wreath post there is a link to the tutorial I found. Hope that helps, it really was easy to make! Just a little time consuming. :)