January 13, 2012

this and that

::  I'm trying to put together a post with my photography gear and tips, but it is just taking me a lot longer than I planned.  Sorry.

::  Ryann and I are headed to Georgia with my mom and her friend (hi Jean!).  The weather is freaking killing me.  I was so look forward to a trip with weather in the mid 60's to low 70's.  Why don't we just take a look at the forecast shall we?

Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 2.24.11 PM
(took these screen shots Thursday afternoon)
Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 2.24.32 PM

It was 65-70 there this entire week.  The day we show up?  52.  Figures.  And by the way, we come back Tuesday.  Oh why yes, that would be the day it is 69.  Seriously weather?  Seriously?  Yes, it sounds much better than the 19 degrees but feels like 5 it is outside as I type this.  But it is supposed to be in the low to mid 50's in KC this weekend as well.

::  Out take.  Teehee.


::  So I've completely lost my mind.  You may have seen on facebook that I've decided I want to nearly cover the ceiling in our living room and dining room with tissue poms for Ryann's birthday party.  I'm pretty sure my mom is ready to strangle me.  Not to mention I have three other projects I want to make for the party that use mini tissue poms.  So I probably need to make 200-300 tissue poms, including the little ones.  Ridiculous much?  Absolutely.  But I feel like it could look so cool and I simply can't let it go.  If anyone feels like coming over and folding tissue paper, let me know :o).

::  Speaking of the party and the million things I need to do... now I really want to get my butt in gear and finish a few little projects around the house.  Christopher is worried I'm going to stress myself out.  He's probably right.  But my mind is going a million miles an hour.  Which is most likely the explanation for my insomnia these days I suppose :o).

::  I've been slowly adding to this post all day (Thursday).  It is now 10:13pm, our flight leaves in 12 hours (which means I leave the house in 10!) and I haven't packed a single clothing item for myself yet.  Fail.

::  On that note I realized I should probably give up on writing a decent post and start packing.  Setting this to publish in the morning now!


Dana said...

Yep here in GA the weather changes CONSTANTLY!! It was so nice and warm and now it is FREEZING! What part of GA are you visiting? Wish we could meet up :)

Amanda said...

Y'all have a wonderful time!

I live in Georgia and the weather is crazy to say the least! I am in the northern middle part of Georgia and I am assuming you are heading south because of the higher temps! It is 27 here this morning and it "feels like" 20! Last week it was in the upper 50's & 60's and the week of Christmas it was 73 one day! Crazy, crazy weather!

Also, I think it's okay to go overboard for birthdays they only come once a year! I have already begun brainstorming for FK's August birthday party ;)

Lindsay said...

I am so excited for your photography gear/tips post! I was one of the many that asked you about it ;0)

Sucks big time about the weather, but hope you enjoy your time in Georgia :)

modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photo!!


Kelly said...

I woke up to run this morning and with the windchill it was 14 degrees...just be glad you're heading to the coast!! ;) Have a great trip! Next time for sure!!

Sarah and Derek said...

Lol! Nice pic Ry! I would love to help you with tissue poms BUT I attempted those things to hang above our cake at our wedding and could not figure them out. I don't have a single craft bone in my body. Have a fun trip!!