April 16, 2012

logging some miles


This is my training page over on daily mile.  Do you see that little part I've made big and circled?  Do you?  The one where it says I covered 31 miles last week?  Yeah.  I covered 31 miles last week.

Really that only happened because technically my long runs both ended up in the same week on the site.  The site adds the week Monday-Sunday, where as I tend to view the week Sunday-Saturday.  If that were the case then my mileage wouldn't have been so high, but seeing that 31 up in the corner?  I feel pretty good about that.

Monday I ran nine miles while we were at my parents' house.  Usually I run around their area, weaving in and out of neighborhoods, but I just couldn't stomach the thought of all that weaving.  So I opted to run on the busier streets.  I think I preferred it, but it sure as heck took quite a while to get through all the intersections.  I also took a walk break shortly after the 8th mile.  Ended up finishing with a 9:16 pace.

Yesterday I met up with Jill to tackle a ten mile run.  I was nearly scared off by the weather, with a chance of some storms and lots of wind, but thankfully we manned up and went for it.  There was enough tree coverage that the wind was barely noticeable for most of the run.  Unfortunately there was about a mile of absurd steep hills (up & down) in the middle that really killed me.  I seriously wanted to quit after the 6th mile, and after we finished the 8th I really thought I might not make it.  We took a little walk break and set off to finish.  Only I just couldn't hack it.  I think we walked another .2 miles shortly after finishing the ninth.  I kept telling Jill to just go, but she just wouldn't listen.  I didn't pass out and we survived the 10 (well 10.16 to be exact) in 1:35:17, a 9:22 pace.

Not too shabby, except wouldn't you know, I've decided to go all out and run a half marathon next weekend.  Originally I just didn't think we could make it work.  Chris is in a wedding out of town (about an hour and a half from our house) and with Ryann and such, it just didn't seem feasible to throw a half marathon in the mix.  But I was starting to be bitter about not finding a race to run this spring.  So even though it is going to be a lot of back and forth and a bit of a rush here and there, we are going to make it happen.  I am running half marathon #2 in less than a week.

I'm definitely not fully prepared.  Well, not fully prepared to go sub 2 hours, which is what a I want to do.  Part of me thought, well, if I can't go sub 2 there is no point in running it, not considering the circumstances.  But there is a slight chance I can hit that goal.  If everything goes perfectly of course.  :o)  I'm praying for 55-60 degree temps at the 7am start time.  I think that will help greatly.  When the temperature gets about 65 and there is some humidity, I just don't do as well.

Pray for me next weekend.  I'll have to average a 9:08 mile pace to sneak under that two hour mark.  Oy.  I'm scared.

Now to check in on my mini goals from last week:

lose a pound
drink 72+ ounces of water each day
run an 8 minute mile
run/walk a total of 20 miles

I managed to lose two pounds last week.  I definitely drank at least 72 ounces of water a day.  On Wednesday I ran a mile on the treadmill in 7 minutes 58 seconds.  And I'm pretty sure 31 miles in a week kicks my 20 mile goal in the butt.  BOOM.  I am seriously liking this mini goal thing, it is very motivating!

My goals for this week:
lose one pound
do 20+ push-ups four days out of the week
finish a half marathon in under two hours

Yeah, that last one might not happen.  But I'm going all out.


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Shauna said...

Awesome job .. you are doing it! Its very motivational.

Happy Monday.

a happy mamma said...

Woot woot!!!! This is awesome girl! Keep it up, you will smoke your 1st 1/2 marathon time out of the water! :)

Meaghan said...

Yay! Good job and good luck!!

Sharstin said...

thats awesome gal--i am sure you can break 2 hours!

Kelly said...

Hey- you might as well make it a goal and see what happens ;) I have a feeling you will get sub 2 without any trouble! You got it!!!!

Amber said...

Awesome work! I knew you could meet your goals :) And I am excited for you to manage a Spring run! I am running one the following weekend and have the same goal. Good luck to you!

Tara said...

Good Luck on your Half!

Your mini-goals inspired me to try my own. This week I am aiming for 72 oz of water like you did. One day down, 6 more to go. Keep up your good work as well!

amy@agoodlife said...

dude, you are a legit runner. i like running along busy streets because i find the more "onlookers" i have the more motivated i am to keep running & not walk!

way to go dude... you're pretty awesome.