April 22, 2012

week in iphone pics

Friends, this week was a good one.  Lots of fun was had.


Ryann and Christopher had a little daddy/daughter breakfast date while I tackled a ten mile long run with Jill.  I think breakfast would have been a little more fun, but I survived the run :o).  I was craving some sun dried tomato basil hummus, so a trip to Trader Joe's was in order.  And Sunday evening I satisfied another craving (thanks to Amy instagramming a million fro yo pics) with a fro yo trip with friends.  I may have gone a little crazy with the candy, but tried to justify it with the fact that I'd run 10 miles that morning.


After the gym Ryann and I headed to Jenn and JT's house for a little playdate.  JT was too cute, and had to pull his chair right up next to Ryann while they were coloring.  Do you see that face pinching in the picture of Ryann and I?  Yeah, love hurts.  She was in a crazy mood that afternoon and was running laps around the family room.  And just a clean happy little girl.


Just a little morning cheese.  Tuesday morning Ryann and I ventured over to a larger local park, played on the playground, and went for our own version of a hike.  That afternoon she surprised me by playing independently for a quite a while.  The only downside to that is that the family room is usually a disaster zone when she is done.  During bathtime Ry organized her little minions.  And we had a mirror photo shoot.  Whats new.


Ryann was trying to drag that laundry basket around the house, telling me she was goign to go switch the laundry.  I hope her enthusiasm for that continues when she is actually big enough to help!  She also decided mommy and Ryann needed to wear headbands.  Chris snapped that picture before he left for work.  Yes, the first two both happened before 7am...  We went out to lunch with grammy where Ryann concentrated really hard on her coloring.  The weather was great after nap so we had snack on the porch and colored with sidewalk chalk.  Ryann had a lot of fun playing a little alphabet game we made.  I wrote the letters all over the driveway and had her find different letters, find them in order, etc.  Cheap, easy, educational fun.


I pulled on a button up Thursday morning, and even though it isn't something I'd usually wear, Chris told me it was cute.  Aaand Ryann asked me why I was wearing a boy shirt.  Meh.  While Ryann was at MDO I cleaned out the pantry.  Fun stuff.  She has an awesome cheese face and apparently thinks Jimmy John's stickers are mustaches. 


I took another rest day hoping for fresh legs before the half marathon on Saturday, so we hung out around the house and played for a while in the morning.  Eventually we ran some errands, went out to lunch and picked up my race packet.  Apparently all of that wore Ryann out because she struggled to stay awake on the ride home.  Friday evening Chris and I kicked off a whirlwind weekend, driving out of town for our friends' rehearsal dinner.  Nothing like the middle of nowhere Kansas for a scenic drive...  :o)


Saturday was a busy busy day.  I kicked off my morning at 7am with a half marathon.  No big deal.  I finished in under two hours, WOOT WOOT!  More on that tomorrow.  After a quick shower and shipping Ryann off with the grandparents we were in the car again heading to a wedding.  I jump started my recovery with some chocolate milk and compression sleeves.  Today I am really wishing I would have had some compression shorts as well, my hips are hurting!  That afternoon we got to watch two of our close friends, Hanna and Joey, say their vows.  It was a beautiful wedding of course.  And that night was pretty epic, Chris and I made it to the after party, and stayed out until 1am.  For us, that is crazy talk :o).

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a happy mamma said...


Love the last one of you and Chris, so pretty! Love the headbands too :)

Meaghan said...

What a fun week! I can't get enough of your girl's hair... too cute. I love the plaid shirt, and of course, way to rock the 1/2!!

I'm intrigued by the compression sleeves. For your arms? legs? I think I need a suit.

Amy said...

Congratulations on your half! Can't wait to read about it. Looks like you guys had a fun and busy week. So cute how Ryann organized all her bath toys :)

Amber said...

Congrats on your half! Such cute pics and I love the alphabet game. We will definitely have to try that out

Ashley said...

Meg - The compression sleeves were for my legs, they go from my ankles to just below the knees. They are supposed to increase blood flow or something to help the recovery process. What I really was wanting was some compression shorts though! My hips were hurting.