April 8, 2012

week in iphone pics

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone is spending this day thankful for their family and friends and celebrating all the the Lord has given us.  It is a beautiful day around these parts today and I am very much enjoying spending it with my little family.

Because the wee one is already waking from her nap here is a quick recap of our week, minus the Easter related stuff, since that can all be tossed into a post of its own.


book store trip.  strange sleeping positions.  silhouetted toddler love.  squish.  fake enthusiastic swinging.  refusing to get out of the bath.  sliding at Monkey Bizness.  a warning?  waiting for daddy.  stripey twins.  cute smile.  awkward smile.  my loves.  candle sniffer.  evening with the bestie.  riding some waves... sorta... sleepy babe.  tea party.  loner.  party printables.  oddly tolerant cat.

Yep.  That about sums it up!

Oh!  I forgot!  Welcome to instagram all you andriod users.  If you need to find me, I'm @thedomesticwannabe.  Pretty much just a slew of pictures of the kiddo, but I'd love for you to join in the picture sharing fun!

Oh, also, I believe I mentioned it on facebook, but I put my pictures into a collage with photoshop.  Nothing crazy.  I'm betting there are ways you could make a collage in paint or powerpoint or possible word if you don't have access to any sort of photo editing or design software.  But photoshop is all I've ever used, so that is what I stick with.

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Shauna said...

looks like a great week!
i love instagram!

Anonymous said...

Love the side pony!!