April 3, 2012

project 366 (week 13)


I was trying to sweep the grass clippings off the sidewalk, and Ryann was helping.  She decided to sweep the lawn too.  You know, because that is necessary.

And the photo from the 27th... I realized last minute that I hadn't taken a photo that day, so I gave her a book and tried to take a picture of her reading before bedtime.  Yeah, she wasn't having it.  But her little feet and tush are pretty cute, so I'll take it.  Yes, I could have pretended she passed out on the floor or something.  But lets be honest, it takes my kid 45+ minutes to fall asleep in a quiet dark room.  I'm not sure I'll see the day that she just falls asleep on the floor with all the lights on.

Three months down.  Nine to go!


a happy mamma said...

i know the feeling. i'm struggling with my project and i still have yet to post last weeks pictures. i might be missing one, who knows? ;)

i'm loving that kitchen picture, her face is always priceless! she is so darn cute and silly!

The Bignon Family said...

Intense conversation is my fav!!

Sharstin said...

love these--her and her new pal--darling!

ARH3584 said...

Intense conversation reminds me of a little Lucille Ball with the retro kitchen and the huge personality :) too cute!

Anonymous said...

Will we be getting pictures from her birthday!? I bet her party turned out super pretty! Just love your blog, you seem like such a great mom!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Ha ha that photo of her on her telephone is so awesome!!