April 13, 2012

this kid.


Seriously.  Ryann is something else.  She is so much fun.  AND SO much trouble.  Really I'd been writing this post in my head all morning, how adorable she is, some awesome things that she has done or said lately, etc etc.  And then there was the 30 minutes before naptime that she just wouldn't do a damn thing I wanted, and she thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Shoot me.

Actually don't.  Because I'm going to pretend those 30 minutes didn't happen and go back to remembering how adorable my kid is.  Just a few things I want to remember...

::  She is starting to mimic me like crazy.  Every time I have the slightest cough... "Mommy are you ok?  Do you need a drink?"  If I mention I'm cold she'll ask if I need a blankie.  If I say I'm not feeling good she offers me medicine.  And if I get a boo boo... "Oh no mommy!  Do you need a hug?  Would a buddy make it better?  I can get you a buddy."  The sweetness kills me.

::  And yet again, this kid doesn't miss a beat.  The Lorax is a new favorite book in this house.  But Chris and I have been changing a couple of the lines, we try not to say stupid or shut up.  Well apparently someone read it to her with the correct words cough cough Grammy?  Papa?  cough cough, because now every time we read that line... "Oh mama.  We should say 'you poor stupid guy'.  It doesn't say silly."  Well you know what kid, you're right.  It doesn't say silly.  But I'm going to keep reading it that way ok?

::  Every time I call Ryann something other than 'Ryann', say, oh I don't know, princess, sweetie, honey, dude... she quickly responds with, "Mom!  I'm not princess!  I'm Ryann Elizabeth!"  Every single time.  I've tried to explain that sometimes I call her honey or sweetie because it is just another way to say that I love her.  She isn't buying it.  Ryann Elizabeth it is.

::  Whenever we talk about being big, or strong, or nice or kind, Ryann always says, "Like Jesus?"  I'll say something to the effect of "oh we are going to drink milk at lunch (as opposed to water).  We have to drink our milk so we get big and strong!"  "Like Jesus?"  Or "It wasn't very nice for the boy to push you was it.  We don't push because we want to be nice to others."  "Like Jesus?"

::  Lately I've been turning on the radio in the car more.  I tend to keep it off (and I'm terrible about having any other music available) because after 8:30am, the stations I listen to aren't always toddler friendly.  And yes she is 100% listening to everything they say.  Today the ads were playing and she kept asking questions like "Did that man just say facebook?  Did he say Kansas City?"  Anyway, she really loves the songs and asks me what they are all called.  Which of course I almost can never answer because I don't listen the radio regularly and don't know what a lot of the new stuff is.  But a couple of her favorites are Good Feeling by Flo Rida (which she refers to as the never never song), Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, and Rumour Has It by Adele.  Well today Rumour Has It was on so I turned up the volume.  When I glanced back in the mirror she had the biggest grin on her face and was just bobbing her head along to the beat.  It was awesome.


I also have to include a couple of videos, just as a little evidence that my kid never stops singing.  About the first one... her songs are usually the first thing I hear when she wakes up, and the last thing I hear before she goes to bed.  And I know I've already posted a video very similar to this first one, but I just love hearing her little voice so much.

And this one.  Well I know pretty much know one can understand what she is saying.  I can catch quite a bit, but unless you know what she is saying before hand, it is tough to get.  Ryann really just busts out a stream of conscience in the form of a song when she is doing things.  This time I asked her to try and put some shorts on so we could go outside and have a snack.  I went to the kitchen to get the snack together, and she just started singing.

Somewhere in there she says she will be softer than a Muffy (anyone remember Muffy the bear?  she has played with it at my parents house.).  She also talks about swimming in the swimming pool, having a tasty treat, and other various things.  But by far my favorite part is the claps and cheers she gives herself when she gets a leg in.  It is just too cute.

See?  Even if you couldn't understand her it was cute, right?  And I know that was a whole lot about my kiddo, but that is what my Grandma likes to read, and I think she is the blog's biggest fan.  :o)  Love you Grandma!


Danielle said...

Her singing Jesus Loves Me was quite possibly the most precious thing I have ever seen!!! Melt my heart!
And her made up song is Hilarious. She reminds me so much of what I picture my son to be like a year or so from now. He will be a year old in May and is extremely talkative - I can totally picture him making up crazy songs all the time!

Shauna said...

She is so adorable! I love the video, and her patience while trying to get her shorts on. The clapping, and telling herself to get up was just so cute. Thanks for the smiles!

Happy Friday!

Shauna Wyrick

Erin said...

So cute!! Annie is always imitating me too, offering me a hug if I'm "sad" or hurt. I can't believe the story about her with the radio, and the book - crazy! She's definitely always paying attention!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

Oh man I love it! Watched the video with my 2 year old daughter and she kept saying "she took shorts off again!" lol. So cute.

Southern Belle Mama said...

She is quite the singer...so precious! It's amazing to watch their little personalities develop.

My little girl enjoyed watching the videos. She said, "That girl singing bout Jesus!" :)

Amber said...

It is always amazing at this age how observant they are of every little thing. Such precious pictures and memories.

AWD said...

First of all your daughter is just as cute as she can be! And she sounds like such a pistol:-) I love her name as well! My daughter's name is Rowan Elisabeth and since she was born I've told my husband if we have another girl her name will be Ryan:-D

Anonymous said...

she is so adorable and precocious! she sounds like shirley temple when she's singing "jesus loves me."

Noe said...

This is hands down the most adorable thing I've seen. I started laughing and then I found it just too sweet that it melt my heart to the point that it brought tears to my eyes. Your daughter is adorable.