April 1, 2012

week in iphone pics

Holy cow.  What a whirlwind of a week.  Because I'm a hardcore procrastinator, I ended up staying up way too late for my little self pretty much all week trying to finish up all the birthday party stuff.  Hence my lack of blogging the last few days.  Three days in a row without a blog post.  I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened in quite some time.  No worries, I've got some catch up to do, so I'm sure I'll make up for it with my post count in the upcoming days.

Before I recap the week, a little note... I've recently had several 'friend' requests or whatever they are on flickr.  Honestly, for me, flickr is just a place to host my photos and nothing more.  I have no intention of participating in any of the social aspects of the site, so I plan to just keep my account pretty much private.  Hope you all understand!  Moving on...


Since Chris had the day off, I thought he might enjoy spending it putting together Ryann's birthday present.  HA.  I think he hated me for the entire three hours it took.  But damn, that little bitty blue kitchen is adorable!  Because I'm a slave driver I made him mow the lawn that evening as well.  Ryann yelled words of encouragement (or something like that) through the window while he was working.


Do you see that face?  That I'm so cute mom your an idiot face?  She is just too freaking adorable sometimes, even when she is sassing me.  No wonder she gets away with so much.  Oh, and her cup was a telescope.  Duh.  By Monday the tissue poms had started invading the guest room.  Unfortunately I never took a picture of it when you couldn't walk in because there were so many.  I think my mom did though...  The tunnel slide is Ryann's favorite.  And that sad pathetic face?  That is thanks to allergies I'm assuming.  Being outside is great, but the more we are outside, the less she can breath.  Poor kid.  Oh and I never ever get sick of seeing my two favorites walking hand in hand.


The first picture, Ryann asked me to take and send it to her father.  Because father and mother are two of her new favorite words.  She was incredibly goofy that day.  My bestie introduced me to this spinach and kale greek yogurt dip from Trader Joe's.  YUM.  And Christopher, well, apparently he sucks at hiding/putting his snacks away.  Oy.  Thankfully the cute kid eating cheetos off the floor in the middle of the family room is kind of (a lot) cute so I couldn't be too mad.


Just my goober girl in the tub, and us snuggling on her last night of being one!


Birthday day!!  We started the morning off right with some delicious whole wheat pancakes, complete with sprinkles and chocolate chips (which sorta makes up for the fact that I kinda burned them).  I ran Ryann over to MDO, and rushed back home to whip up some rainbow snacks to take back per her request.  It ended up using way more fruit than the kids needed, but at least three of her little buddies devoured the entire thing.  Then grammy and I took Ryann to the mall for a couple of carosuel rides and a trip to Build-A-Bear.  Ryann wasn't really into the whole process of building the bear (she got freaked out by the stuffer almost instantly), but she definitely loves her new little buddy.  That evening Chris and I took her out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  She refused the noodles she requested, and pretty much ate bread, calamari, ice cream and cake for dinner.  Oh well.  She looked super cute trying to blow out her candle :o).

ps... somewhere (I think maybe on instagram) someone asked where her skirt is from.  I got it at Target in January I believe!


Working out kind of slipped out of the routine Wednesday and Thursday, and I figured what the heck, why not make the entire week a crap week for me?  :o)  So instead of the gym we went on a 2.75 mile walk, and hit up the park.  It was a beautiful morning and Ryann had so much fun looking for dandies and playing outside.  We decided to continue outdoor time when we got home, and I snapped one of my favorite pictures right now.  I just love her carrying all her chalk, looking ready to take on the world.  During naptime I worked on some more party details.  Ryann spent some time playing with the train set Christopher picked up for her birthday.  And that night we got to work on the massive amount of tissue poms I wanted hung.  Thank goodness for Christopher and my Dad.  It only took them about an hour to hang all 90+ poms.


Party time!  Even though I didn't 100% finish everything I wanted to do for the party (when do I ever) it went great.  We were set up and ready to go on time.  Ryann had a blast.  The cake was adorable inside and out, and delicious (thanks Jenny!).  When we were finally winding down that evening and just about to give Ryann a bath, Chris said "Look.  She's a reverse shower curtain."  Well yep.  She was.  Love it.  And I love all the pom on my ceiling.  Those will probably stay there for quite some time.  Which is cool, because they make me super happy.  And the best way to cap off a great day?  A Jayhawk victory. We're going to the 'ship kids!!

And lets just chat about this tournament a bit shall we?  The last time KU won the national championship was four years ago.  I was a senior in college (my sister is now currently a senior at KU).  We kicked some UNC butt in the final four (it was the elite 8 this year, and maybe not quite a butt kicking, but whatever).  And we faced a Callipari team in the championship game.  History repeating itself?  I sure hope so.  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!

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AWD said...

1. I love the picture of the waterfall curtain and the baby in her waterfall shirt:-)
2. That dip makes me wish even more for a Trader Joes!!
3. What do you use for your collages? I need to figure out how to make them!

Nikki said...

Cute Pics, can't wait to hear more about her birthday party.

oh, I spy some pretty new curtains!

Meredith S said...

Happy Birthday Ryann!! Love all the party pics, can't wait to see more. Everything looked adorable! What a nice mama:)

2 questions: What did you get Ryann's silver sandals and her birthday shirt?? Love them both.

Jami Nato said...

ALL. THOSE. POMS. you are insanity. so cute.