April 15, 2012

week in iphone pics

How is it already Sunday?  This week just flew by...


We had a nice Easter, and really just soaked in more of our four day weekend with Daddy.  Four days in a row without him going to the hospital?  That is just plain awesome.


Ryann was still asleep when I left the house at 7am for a nine mile run, and when I came back I found a sad sick looking little girl.  My mom said she was pretty sure Ryann's tummy wasn't feeling good and she wouldn't really touch her breakfast.  Well Grammy tends to be spot on with that kind of stuff, and sure enough it wasn't long before the little bit of breakfast came back up.  So a bath and lots of snuggling and movie watching happened.  After over a three hour nap Ryann woke up feeling a bit better.


By Tuesday morning Ryann was thankfully back to her chipper little self.  Since she had been loving the few alphabet crayons we had, we decided to make another set.  And I thought I was going to be all top chef or something and grill a pork tenderloin myself.  Yeah, apparently I had the heat up too high and quickly seared the outside, leaving the inside raw.  Thankfully Hubby came home and rescued the dinner.  Sometimes I hate that he is a much better cook than me.  But I'm glad at least one of us can cook :o).


Want to know how to keep a group of toddlers happy?  Put some beans in a box with some cups.  Toddler heaven right there.  Ryann and I spent a good portion of the afternoon being silly and wrestling in our bed.


Apparently someone woke up on the wrong side of the crib.  She gave me that look on and off all through breakfast for no good reason.  While Ryann was at MDO my mom and I hit up the mall for some retail therapy.  Those sandals?  Super comfy.  I got the tan and coral ones, but I think I'm going to exchange them for the animal print.  Animal print is just so much more practical, you know?  :o)  Ryann and I made a batch of peanut butter m&m bars to take to my old work.  Then she made me read a million nursery rhymes.  For the record, nursery rhymes are weird.  And for some reason I decided to clean my craft/office closet at 9pm.  You wouldn't know I cleaned it now, but I swear it is better than it was.


After the gym we took treats to the preschool I used to work at.  Ryann was Kenzie's big helper, and rocked some activities like a pro.  I think she would definitely thrive in a Montessori environment, she loves that stuff.  After nap we busted out the water colors.  And while Chris was at a bachelor party Ryann and I had ourselves a girls night.


Saturday morning Ryann requested to go to the pet store, so we did.  A cheap indoor zoo is always a good plan.  On the way home she was being a goober in the car.  When she woke up from nap she said to me, "Mama, I don't want snack.  I just want to paint."  Well alrighty then.  Later that evening we went to Target for new pillows, and Ryann sprinted through the aisles like a crazy person.  You would think we keep her caged up or something, she was nuts.

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Shauna said...

What a fun week!
Love all the pictures.
Your family is adorable ;)


Meaghan said...

I can't believe those are iphone pictures! You take such good ones-- doesn't hurt that your subject of choice is such a cutie :)

Glad you had a good week!

ps- leopard print is always practical.

Ashley said...

Wow! You did lots of fun things! Where did you find the mold for the alphabet crayons?