April 5, 2011

i'm loving (party photos included!)...

I thought I'd share a few things that are making me smile right now...

::  Jen over at IHeart Organizing has tossed out an April challenge, 30 Things in 30 Days.  What a good way to kick start your spring cleaning (if you are uh, like me and haven't yet, or wasn't sure you planned to.  Oops...)  The idea is to simplify and organize your life by purging items you no longer use or need.  To a lot of people purging is a daunting task, but one thing a day for the month?  That's not so hard.  And once you start, I'm pretty sure you won't stop.  Yesterday I decided to clean out my dresser.  No lie, I threw 30 pairs of underwear in the trash.  I get new ones, but never do anything with the old ones.  So yesterday they finally went bye bye.  I didn't even finish my entire dresser, and I came up with 79 items.  In just my dresser.  Ridiculous.  Head over to Jen's blog and check out the challenge!

::  My bestie started a blog, and I think she needs some encouragement to really get it going :o).  This girl is amazing.  Just look at some of the pictures from her wedding.  All of the personal details are awesome (and the stationery right?  done by yours truly :o).  Photos by Katie Day.

oh how I love my bestie :o)

::  My friend Annie posted some of Ryann's party photos to her blog.  I plan to do a whole post on the party with specifics on vendors, recipes and what not, but I thought I've give you a little preview part two.  I'm so so happy that I hired Annie to take photos at the party.  It was so nice to not worry about picking up my camera.  Not to mention she does a WAY better job than I do :o).  You can see a few more photos on her blog, and I promise, once I get my butt over to her place to get the files I will do a whole party post.

can you tell she was sick?  poor baby.

::  Remember when Dusty shared a day in her life?  Based on blog stats that was a pretty well loved post.  Well, she shared an entire week in her life with her blog readers.  Go check it out at All Things G&D.

::  What I'm not loving right now?  My sick little baby.  Really I think she just has a bad cold.  But she sounds terrible.  And she's miserable.  And it makes me miserable (obviously not her fault, but it's tough).  I just want her to feel better.  Oy. 


Sharstin said...

the party!! it looks so amazing~ and that wedding looks gorgeous! lve that pict of the two of you~ hope little R gets feeling better soon!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Can't wait for more details on the party, looks great!

Amy said...

Amazing!!!! Love this entry.

I love the photo of her in the background with the frosting on her fingers. Seem so Ry. :)

Feel better Ryann!!!

Annie said...

The party looks incredible! You did such a great job with the details. Hope Ryann feels better real soon!

Bri {collected} said...

Looks like it turned out great! Love her faces!

Nicole said...

Bad colds are tough.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her reaction to frosting on her fingers!

Amber @ Happiness is Eva said...

Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see more!