August 30, 2012

embrace the camera

So this little toddler of mine?  She is a crazy nut.  One minute she is so nicely coloring by herself, telling me that the sky is blue and elephant starts with an E and other random captain obvious facts (which really means she is just learning and turning those little brain wheels, but you know, obvious facts for myself).  The next minute she is bouncing off the walls climbing on this or that and trying to get under my skin as much as possible.

Independent play isn't her strong point.  Ryann always wants one of us there with her.  Relatively engaged with her.  You can't just be in the room minding you own business while she goes about her stuff.  Nope you need to be sitting next to her, playing right along too.  And man she is demanding sometimes.  "Let's do this.  Here mommy, you put on Baby Abby's clothes.  Now give her a bottle.  It's bedtime, change her to pajamas.  Change her diaper..."  It goes on and on.  Same thing for coloring, or doing puzzles, or playing trains, "Color her hair, color the trees, put that piece here, make Thomas go down the hill..."  Any suggestion of her doing it herself is met with much resistance.

I do my best to try and step back and make her do it.  But if I act disinterested, or like I'm not paying attention (or heaven forbid I have to take a phone call, go pee, or make a meal) that is when she does anything and everything she knows she isn't supposed to do, just so that I almost have to engage with her.

So sometimes?  Sometimes you just do what you're told.  And wear the headlamp.

photo 4(1)
photo 1(4)
photo 3(1)
yes she looks a little drugged in that last one... I still love it

And I've heard the phrase that three is really just two with intent.  Well if that is the case, then my friends, I am screwed.  This kid already has more opinions than I ever thought possible from a toddler.  She is, to put it nicely, a handful.

photo 2(4)

Yep. That's my kiddo.  Crazy, exhausting, and the tiniest little person that has stolen my whole heart.  Love you Ryann :o).


Erin said...

Oh, Ryann :) Annie is SO similar - just super demanding with our attention, but once in awhile she'll totally shock me lately by playing completely on her own for about an hour! Usually that's when Luke and the other parent are gone - it's like she sees Ben and I actually trying to have a conversation without her and gets very angry ;) Yay!!!!!!

Expat Girl said...

Oh my gosh Madison is the same way! She will play by herself for alittle bit but when she has me beside her it is totally a case of "do this, do that" I can't keep up with all of it!

Anonymous said...

love the post, she is still as cute as ever! My little one is the same way, he must help me do everything and won't let me sit for minute, if i even look like im thinking of sitting down he's complaining! ha kids

lindsay @ fifth house on the left | family blog said...

my little guy and your ryann are so similar! right down to the sleeping and ESPECIALLY when it's time for solo can't happen. i'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and by lunch i'm so totally exhausted i don't know what to do. my house has been a mess forever and today i decided to finally tackle sweeping and mopping and what do ya know, the kid just dumps his snacks all over the floor while looking right at me! crying, throwing fits because i'm not right there engaging with him. i tried to do some pinterest stuff with tape on the door so he can be destructive and rip it off and to shreds...not even interested. he is so physically demanding and he only 17 months! oh man, it's been so frustrating and it's going to be a long road ahead of me. i feel bad for being mad and aggravated, but some days i just want to i did today. toddlers... ;)

enough of my rant. ryann is so darn cute and i love these pictures!! :)