August 19, 2012

thirteen weeks


written August 16th

The belly is cracking me up.  In this dress I feel like it looks WAY more prominent than it is (hence the reason for the dress of course, to show off the growing bump).  Also, in the mornings, I've still pretty much got nothing.  By night, especially after dinner, I am incredibly bloated and look relatively pregnant.  Well, probably more like I ate way too much to anyone else, but there is just nowhere for the food to go or something.  It will be nice when it turns into a real bump.

how far along:  13 weeks (compare to 13 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a peach, about 2.9 inches long and weighing .81 ounces.  Baby is growing vocal cords and teeth, and he or she even has finger prints!  Also, the intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into the baby's belly.

weight gain:  Maybe I'll pretend it didn't change this week.  But the truth is I'm at my parents without a scale and my mom is a much MUCH better cook than I.  And she has way more chocolate.  So I'm going to guess I gained another pound.  Oh well.

maternity clothes:  Nope, but I have lost two pairs of shorts and a pair of capris out of my bottoms that fit comfortably.  Thankfully most of my shorts I bought last summer before I was done losing weight, so the waist is big enough to accommodate my bloat.  The pairs I bought at the beginning of this summer?  No go.  I want to rip them off 20 minutes after putting them on.

symptoms: I'm not near as nauseous as I have been.  But man, I need to work on portion control when I eat.  I swear I'm not eating THAT much (I probably am) but right after I eat I am miserable, feeling like I just gorged myself on Thanksgiving dinner or something.  And I'm waking up in the middle of the night so bloated and uncomfortable, and having to pee, and then I can't get back to sleep.  It really bites.  The headaches haven't been quite as bad this week which is good.

exercise: Six days of workouts this week, yep, patting myself on the back :o).  A 2.15 mile walk, a 2.2 mile walk, a 4 mile walk, a 5 mile bike ride, a 3.5 mile run, two 4.75 mile runs and a 6 mile run.  19 miles of running in my 13th week of pregnancy.  Not too shabby!

cravings/aversions: Egg drop soup.  If someone could bring me a bowl of egg drop soup with the little wontons everyday I'd be a very happy girl.  Also some cake.  And cookies.  That would be great.  The only aversion this week, is the thought of bacon mixed in with my food.  Weird?  Yes.  I love bacon.  I would like some bacon for breakfast.  But my mom suggested making a mac & cheese and adding some bacon and I was absolutely repulsed.

movement:  Honestly there would be no way I could tell the difference between digestion/gas and baby movement right now.  But the chances are slim that I'm feeling any movement from the bean.

sleep: When I wake up to pee it is nearly impossible for me to fall back asleep in a timely manner.  Combine that with a toddler who has been waking up around 4:45am and I am NOT getting enough sleep.  And it is making me super crabby.  I'm sick of needing a nap to survive.  When Ryann is napping I want me time!  Not nap time :o(.  First world problems, I know.

gender:  I've decided to try and just assume this baby is a boy.  To connect with it as a boy.  That may sound weird, since it is a 50/50 shot, but I'm having an incredibly difficult time liking any boy things I see.  And I need to get over that.  So I'm pretending it is a boy and looking for all things boy that I like.  So I'll either be more into the idea of a boy, or pleasantly surprised when I get to switch into girl mode.

looking forward to:  In regards to the above, I am getting so incredibly anxious to find out boy or girl.  To the point where I am considering shelling out $100 so I can find out a couple weeks early.  I want to know SO FREAKING BAD.  I just feel like I can't attach myself to this pregnancy or the baby yet and I think knowing boy or girl would help me.

worries:  Oh you know, just realizing that eventually this baby will have to have an exit strategy.  I've done it once, I can do it again, but oy.  Why did my brain have to start going there now?  I'm also paranoid that I'll be lucky enough not to get pre-e this time around, but will instead go a week overdue and have to give birth to a giant baby.

what's different this time:  I do not remember the hugely bloated feeling / inability to eat.  But even though I have a 13 week post from my pregnancy with Ryann, is wasn't all that descriptive.  Figures.  It does say I was still down five pounds at this point.

milestones:   I have no idea.

best moment this week:  Seeing the baby looking good at our first trimester screening (there are a couple of pictures from the ultrasound below), and announcing the pregnancy on the blog and facebook.  You all are too sweet and I feel so loved.  Thank you!



Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

You look so cute!! And seriously, boys are freaking awesome. Obviously I'm bias, but I love boy clothes and all things boy! I promise, that if this little peanut ends up being a boy - you will start to connect with the boyish stuff. :)

Oh and girl, you need to turn off your word verification because I've tried to leave a comment like 10 times and I can't read the dang word it gives me to type in the box... so frustrating! lol

Rick Stones said...
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lindsay said...

i'm loving your weekly posts, they are so cute :)

i'm at 31 weeks now and the exit strategy is starting to overwhelm me and getting me anxious. i think about it all.the.time. it's not like i haven't done it already, but geez! it's scary ;0)

i wanted a girl so bad, BOTH times. i was very disappointed, both times. but having one boy, i'm so surprised how much i really love it. would i love a girl? of course, but i have now accepted my life will be all boys all the time because sadly, we are done after this one. if it's a boy, i have complete confidence you will design an amazing room and dress that little guy up so handsome :)

Carey said...

DO ITTTTT. Pay the money to find out early. We spent I think the $70 or $80 for our ultrasound place here to find out at 16wks and it was the best money ever spent! It's weird, the first time around you are just excited to be pregnant but this time, it's like this weird obsession takes ahold of you and you need to know! I know that's how I felt from the minute that second little line showed up on the stick -- I needed to know boy or girl.

So do it. You'll feel better :)

Sarah and Derek said...

I just can't decide what I think this baby is!! I think I am leaning more to thinking it's a girl but part of me is thinking boy too. I'd shell out the money and find out early :) I thought the last few weeks before we found out took FOREVER! Either way, this baby is going to be so freaking cute and I can't wait for Collins to have a best friend or boyfriend.

Ashley said...

Great post! We have 7 weeks to go til babe 2 arrives and I must say I feel sooooo much more relaxed than the first time around. Our nursery is nowhere near complete and I'm ok with that. As long as we have a blanket, bassinet and boobs were ready! I guess I would say I feel much more confident in myself this 2nd time around. Our lives still revolve around Lilly and her daily tasks that I can't really allow my mind to wander. Enjoy your time! I'm getting weepy thinking that my pregnancy is slowly coming to an end.

Lindsay said...

just found your blog and I have to say..oh mylanta, your little girls curly hair is to die for!

also, congrats on baby #2! I wanted a girl SO badly that I kep telling myself it was a boy, and then would only look at boy bedding, carseats, and clothes. That way when they told me it was a boy I would've been prepared. And when they told me it was a girl I was SUPER excited!

Expat Girl said...

I did the same with looking at boy things and then when we found out it was a girl my husband was happy as he figured I would have less to shop for! Needing to know the gender was hugeee for me second time round

tracy said...

as a mom who had two girls first and then a boy i will tell you that boys are ah-maz-ing. i know how you feel because i was the same way, but i am so thankful for my little man. there is something about a little boy. trust me! hope you get some sleep soon!

Kelly said...

Just like Mandy, I am a little biased but having a boy is the most amazing thing in the world. I cannot imagine life any other way. I promise there are cute clothes and adorable baby boy things! And just wait till he can wear madras shorts and little polos...precious! hahahaha