August 21, 2012

that's what she said

Me:  "Alright, lets get ready for nap."
Ryann:  "But I wan to to go to Grammy's!  And Going Bonkers!"
Me:  "Well maybe you can dream about going to Grammy's and Going Bonkers."
Ryann:  "Like Spencer dreams about winning races?!?!"

while doing a puzzle
Ryann:  "Oh, a parrot!"
Me:  "That is actually a toucan.  It is a bird, like a parrot, but see the toucan has a much bigger beak."
Ryann:  "Like you have a big belly."

Me:  "Ryann, please don't jump on the couch.  A better place for jumping would be on the ground, or in a bounce house or something."
Ryann:  "Well... The couch is kinda like a bounce house..."

Ryann:  "Daddy tell me a story!!"
Christopher:  "Oh come on.  How about mommy tells you a story, you never make her do it."
Ryann:  "Well, she isn't the best story teller."

Ryann:  "Here, you get a sticker because your the best best mommy.  Happy Valentine's Day!"
Me:  melts into a puddle because that was so freaking cute.  and no, I have no idea why she thought it was Valentine's Day.

oh my little goober.


Erin said...

Oh, she is just hilarious :) Her hair is getting so long!

Anonymous said...

She is stinking adorable, even with all the faces she makes! I love these posts & can't wait to start them once my little guy starts actually talking!