August 28, 2012

fourteen weeks


I wanted to thank you all for your input on my stroller debate.  If I learned anything from it, honestly, I think it is none of the ones I've picked out is a bad choice.  It seemed at least one person had an attachment to each and every one.  Right now I'm leaning toward a City Select, and evaluating our jogging stroller needs later on.  I like that the Select can be a single, because we could get it now and use it with just Ry, and have it just be a single when we need it.  Seems like configurations are (somewhat) endless.  But really, thank you for all of the valuable input!  On to my always late weekly update...

written August 23rd

how far along:  14 weeks (compare to 14 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a lemon, about 3.4 inches long and weighing 1.5 ounces.  Baby is growing lanugo and his or her kidneys are making urine.  Yay.  :o)

weight gain:  1.5 pounds.  Welp, I've gained three pounds in the last two weeks.  Hold me.  I know that is nothing to stress about, and it looks like I gained a bit at this point with Ryann too, but I was still on the negative end of things.  I've been pretty terrible about over-doing it on the carbs and sweets, so I really need to keep that in check if I'm going to stay under 30 pounds total.

maternity clothes:  Not yet, but I did try on (and purchase, thanks mom!) a couple of pairs of maternity jeans yesterday, and they didn't not fit, if you know what I mean.  I'm sure they'd stay on better if the bump was a bit bigger, but as soon as the weather warrants it, I have a feeling I'll be busting out the elastic pants.

symptoms: Gah, the headaches!  The freaking headaches.  I have a tendency to get headaches in general, and pregnancy amplifies them by like a million.  They hit me mostly in the afternoon and render me useless, and this past week I've also woken up to a headache as well.  That is pretty defeating.  I'm drinking as much water as I can stomach and popping tylenol, but no relief.  I'm sure the sweets and carbs aren't helping my case but...  Also I've forgotten to mention this, but I constantly have a nasty taste in my mouth.  No amount of teeth brushing or water drinking will help.  And it isn't that metallic taste you hear about, it is just a nasty nasty gross taste.  Sucking a jolly rancher helps while it is in my mouth, but those only last so long.  And last but absolutely not least, the freaking bloating.  This morning I had 8 ounces of water and a piece of peanut butter toast and felt like I had eaten enough for six.  What gives?

exercise: Managed six workouts again this week, score.  Two 2 mile walks, 2.25 miles on the stationary bike, a 3.1 mile run, a 4.35 mile run, a 5 mile run AND a 6.2 mile run.  Woot!  I can tell this week is going to be tougher to get in the miles though, I'm just not feeling it.  Just gotta really keep it up for another 6-7 weeks!

cravings/aversions: I don't even know.  I'm so freaking sick of water.  I want to eat food all the time but food makes me feel sick.  But I eat it anyway.  Definitely interested in soup in general, but wouldn't mind some more egg drop!  What is it with pregnancy making me crave soup?

movement:  nope

sleep: For me in general, not so bad this week.  Ryann on the other hand though, sucks at sleeping, therefore mine is a bit disrupted.  But I don't think it was near as bad as last week.

gender:  Still thinking boy.  I think I'm going to skip the early ultrasound (it is $99 plus tax), and have a gender reveal party instead.  I'm just hoping I can't tell at the ultrasound, because I doubt Chris will get to go with me.  Crossing my fingers that we get to find out about four weeks from now.  These four weeks need to go FAST.

looking forward to:  Not being so bloated.  And decorating the nursery.

worries:  That I'm not going to connect to this baby.  I know it is stupid, I'm sure I will, but right now even though I think about pregnancy in the baby a lot, there is so much more going on that needs my attention.  Ryann needs my attention.  How am I going to make space in my life for another one?  Also?  how in the heck we are going to fit another little person and all their crap into our house.  Our house is a decent size, but I apparently can't organize and have way to much stuff because I don't know how this is going to work.

what's different this time:  Um, not needing a BeBand?  I wish I had written more in my weekly posts last time.  I think the headaches are worse than with Ryann.  I know I had headaches the last time I was pregnant, but I seriously just don't remember them being this bad.

milestones:  Second trimester baby!

best moment this week:  Getting some awesome maternity jeans thanks to my mom.  I seriously can't wait for the weather to cool down!  Oh also?  My wifey (aka one of my best friends and sorority sisters) got engaged.  So happy for them, and all my friends getting married and having babies and getting good health reports, and there just seems to be a lot of happiness going around.

And the following picture was actually taken last Thursday (as opposed to yesterday like the one above... whoops).  I no longer need to tie my workout pants to keep them up.  This belly is still all over the place.  It is definitely growing though!



Meredith said...

You look so great Ashley! Yay for the second trimester, and also I LOVE your weekly photos--they are awesome and adorable!

Erin said...

Totally get your fear of not connecting with the baby! I don't feel like I did with either pregnancy - and whenever people asked if I was excited, I mean, I WAS, but not in the way it seemed I SHOULD be. But guess what, still love my babies now so all is good ;)

Lindsay said...

I'm dying to be pregnant with #2 so I can wear the comfy (but stylish, of course) maternity pants. Sometimes I still squeeze into my maternity leggings :)

Also, random questions, but what photoshop program do you use for the top picture to add in the color and number? It's super cute!

Anonymous said...

we're almost a week apart in our pregnancies and I'm having terrible headaches too. Plus, this week I've started getting lots of aches/pains (round ligament). And I, too, am craving tons of soup. I make a batch each weekend and eat on it all weekend with salads. It's been working perfectly! :) Hope these headaches get better ASAP!

hilljean said...

You look darling! This is such a fun way to keep track of that sweet little one inside of you :)

Amy said...

Pregnancy headaches are THE WORST! Glad you got some medicine for them.

About being connected: I know I felt that way when I only had Paxton, but as soon as I saw Miss Harper I was like "Aha! Now I get it, now I know what they mean!" And it's pretty awesome.

Love the last picture of the bump!! I love bump pics!