August 15, 2012

a day in {my} life

It's baaaaack.  (Said in my best Pulterguist voice.  Anyone?  Anyone?  TV People...)

Yep, I felt it was time to bring back a day in the life.  I took a break because yes, it does take a bit to organize it all, and actually remember to send out the reminder e-mails and such.  But if you guys like it, I like it.  And I might just like having a post written for the blog each week...

Anyway, if you want to read previous recaps of my days, you can check them out here, here, here and here.  There is also an entire week in my life somewhere as well.  But I figured you'd live without all those links.  Sheesh, apparently there are a lot of detailed accounts of my day on this blog...  Today you get a look at last Friday, August 10th, with Ryann at 28 months and me at 12 weeks pregnant.  Hope I don't bore you to death.  Although I might, because it looks like this day sounds a lot like the last one I documented...


2:56am:  Wake up to pee.  Of course it takes me a bit to wake up, so by the time I realize I absolutely have to pee, I'm nearly wide awake.  I lay back down, toss and turn for the next hour or so, and eventually fall asleep shortly after 4:00am I think.

5:35am:  Chris is up getting ready for work.  He leaves before 6:00am and I think I give him a kiss goodbye.  I was out of it.  I'm in and out of sleep for a bit.

6:15am:  I'm up for good, so I check a few blogs.  Realize the wee one is awake too shortly after, so I get  my butt out of bed, throw on some workout clothes and make the bed (I'm trying to be so good about this!) before going to get her.  We read a few stories in the family room and play a bit.


6:57am:  Time to get started on breakfast.  Today Ryann is having a leftover chocolate chip pancake, 1/3 of a banana, her vitamin, some Claritin and some almond milk.  For me it is peanut butter toast, the rest of the banana, prenatal vitamins, calcium supplements, 4 ounces of orange juice and a camelbak full of water.  I regularly have to force myself to drink all the water, but if I don't start off with one bottle down in the morning, I never drink enough.  I also spend much of breakfast reminding Ryann that she actually needs to eat as well.  Lately she has limited interest in food in general, unless it is sweets.  I convince her to eat about half of her meal, and then she is off to the family room to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

I wish I didn't resort to TV, but Ryann loves the shows, I have seen a great increase in her imaginative play, and let's face it.  It buys me 30-45 minutes to get ready for the day.  While she is watching, I clean up from breakfast, pull my hair back, and pack our bags.  And waste far too much time trying to take a picture of myself in the mirror.  Self portraits are not my forte.


8:10am:  We finally get our bums in the car and head to the gym.  While on the way I call my mom, as I pretty much do almost every day.  Usually I don't have anything all that important to say, but it is nice to start my day off talking to her.  After dropping Ryann off at the child center, I hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes for a walk (2.1 miles), and then switch over to the stationery bike for another 20 minutes (5 miles).  After that I do a bit of stretching and three sets of 12 modified push-ups.  I really need to get back into more strength training, but I kind of fell off the wagon just before I got pregnant.  I still get plenty of cardio though... that's good, right?  :o)  During my workout I realize I packed clothes to change into (we have a play date), but... no underwear or a bra.  Guess I'll just have to go in my workout clothes.  Thankfully Michelle doesn't care...

I love her more and more everyday for her sarcasm :o)

9:46am:  On the road again.  I ate a Nature Valley Protein Bar in the car while driving to our play date.  When I saw the weather forecast for the day (ohemgee it would be in the 70's in the morning!!!), I asked Michelle if she and Effy (who is freaking adorable) wanted to check out the arboretum with us.  She said yes, and I'm so glad she did.  It was such a beautiful morning for a nice walk, and chatting with a friend.  I kept Ryann confined to the stroller for a bit by giving her snack (Quaker Oatmeal Squares and blueberries), but eventually we let her out to roam.  They had a train car and some random kids stuff to play with.  Before we left I spilled the beans about the baby to Michelle, which is always fun when people get excited :o).


11:50am:  We made it back home, and now it is time to put together some lunch.  Annie's Mac & Cheese and watermelon for Ryann, scrambled eggs and watermelon (and a little mac & cheese too) for me.  I have had such an aversion to eggs the last several weeks, but now all of the sudden that is what I want for lunch everyday.  Good excuse to get some protein in I guess.  Ryann actually finishes most of her lunch, so I offer her some Annie's Bunny Grahams and clean up the kitchen while she eats them.  Then we start our naptime routine.  Nap and bed time are quite possibly my least favorite times of the day, simply because Ryann stalls and stalls and fights it to the very last minute.  Eventually we settle in, read a couple of stories, watch Yellow, check Instagram (yes that is now a demanded part of our routine, oy), and sing two sings before she will reluctently lay down.


1:12pm:  Ah, sweet silence.  Well kind of.  Ryann kind of thrashes in her crib for a while, trying to think of ways to get me to come back in the room.  I log my workout on dailymile and browse the internet for a bit waiting for her to fall asleep.  Once she is out I hop in the shower.  Afterwards, I throw on some comfy clothes and head out to the family room to get on my computer.  Ideally I would dry my hair and put on some make-up after the shower, but yesterday as soon as I started blow drying my hair (in our room that is across and down the hall with the door shut and both freaking vents covered with a towel) the little miss woke up.  Not risking it again today.  She has had a bit of a cough and has been a little grumpy so she NEEDS a good nap.  So on the computer it is.  I read blogs, write some posts, work on wedding invitations, and do some unproductive things for a while :o).  I guess I should do some picking up too...

3:57pm:  And the wee one is awake.  Thank goodness for a good nap.  We both needed it (well, I could have used some sleep too, oh well).  I'm glad she is awake because I am READY for a snack.  For me it is a bowl of yogurt with strawberries, quaker oatmeal squares and pecans mixed in.  Ryann of course requests 'bunny fruited snacks' (Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks), so I give in and grab her those and some pretzel fish, plus of course some stolen bites of my yogurt.  After snack we head to the family room for some playtime.  We work on some opposite puzzles, play trains, color, and other random things.  Then we spend a good chunk of time reading books.  I am so thankful that she loves me to read her books.  These days anything that I can stay stationary and do is a huge bonus.  Especially because this is the time of day when I start feeling crummiest.


5:45pm:  I feel like CRAP.  My head is pounding.  All I want to do is sleep.  Since that isn't an option I turn on a recorded episode of Doc McStuffins, one of Ryann's favorite shows (which by the way, you should hear her say diagnosis.  cutest freaking thing ever).  Chris lets me know he is on his way home, and I phone in an order for Chinese take-out.  No way I am cooking tonight.  Plus, the egg drop soup really hits the spot.  Ryann has salmon sticks and strawberries for dinner, and requests a 'sweet treat', so she gets a little bowl of dry cereal as well.  After dinner we head to the family room for a little more playtime, and of course an episode of Thomas the Train.  She can't get enough.

7:43pm:  We can tell Ryann is getting tired because she starts getting naughty and disobeying us just for fun, so it is bath time.  Chris always give Ryann a bath, it is their thing.  Plus, umm, I hate being wet for no reason.  While he is bathing her I clean up the plates from dinner and do a little picking up around the house.  When they are done, Ryann has to do a lap around in the family room in just her towel, and puts all her trains to sleep.  Why she loves to run around naked after her bath, I have no idea, but she does.  Finally we wrangle her, get her in her room and get some pajamas on her.  I'm generally the designated book reader / putter to bed person so I hop in the rocker and Ryann picks out two books.  We read The Gull Who Lost the Sea for like the millionth time.  It used to be Chris's book and she is currently obsessed.  After another book, a check of instagram, a trip to the potty, a request for a drink and two songs she is finally in her crib.


8:38pm:  Ryann is trying to protest the fact that she is tired, but right around 9:00 gives in a falls asleep.  I spend a little time playing on my computer and pretending to put together a blog post (seriously, I'm useless with that these days), but I get tired.  I do manage to send an e-mail to some of my sorority sisters about the pregnancy, but that is all I can muster.

10:00pm:  Good night!


Thanks for reading!  If you would like to participate in the series, please leave your blog name, blog url and e-mail address in the comments section.  Also, if you are wanting to participate but there is a month that would NOT be good, please mention that as well.  Helps with scheduling :o).  Have a good one!


Nikki said...

Harper also loves Doc McStuffins and it has prompted her to ask for doctor toys and start giving everyone check ups. You're right, although the TV isn't my favorite either, I really have seen a jump in her vocabulary and imaginative play since allowing a little more. Plus I usually try to join in on the fun.

Nikki said...

Oh yeah, and I've done a day in the life before, but if you needed me to, I'd love to do another.

Sarah and Derek said...

Mmm your yogurt mix sounds delicious! Gonna have to try. And I totally get the i'm baaacckkk, gives me chills. If a Day in the Life is still going on in January, add me to the list!

Aja said...

Can I just say that you look amazing! And I'm super impressed that you've kept up with going to the gym through the first trimester. I'm not sure I could have kept it up if I was in your shoes and not feeling so hot. Way to go! :)
I'd love to do Day in the Life sometime! It's a Strange & Lovely Ride:, strangeandlovelyride at gmail dot com.

The Bignon Family said...

I just love reading these! I would be happy to do one this fall, but would also like doing one next spring after the new baby is here. Wherever you can fit me in, I would be happy to do it!

You always make me wish I belonged to a gym! Free childcare sounds awesome!

Erin said...


Would love to partcipate!

Erin said...

I was just so sad that I missed out on my "usual" quarterly DITL, so I'll totally participate pretty soon if you don't have anyone lined up yet! The last few weeks were just too crazy for me to get my act together :) (or really, anytime is fine with me I guess!)

LOVE the pic of Christopher at bathtime - that's totally how I look giving Annie a bath too - ha!!

I hope you are feeling better soon - when I think of the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Luke, I swear I have PTSD it was so horrible.

Also, I hope you're having a boy ;)

Jenny said...

1.) I really want some Quaker Oatmeal Squares now.

2.) When I was a kid I had a bunny named Bernie, after Annie's bunny on the mac & cheese box. A real bunny, not a stuffed animal. =)

3.) I'm so excited that Day in the Life is back, and that I finally have a kid so I can participate!
The blog is We G Three

bellagirl2010 said...

I'm so glad that a day in the life is back. i would LOVE to particpate. any time works for me!

The blog is lifes a dance

ashley said...

Hey Ash-
I will write another one too...after Babe 2 is born! Should be interesting. You can put me down for end of Oct.

Melissa said...

I would love to participate sounds fun! Loved reading your post!
October probably is not a good month for me. Lots of work things to do :)
Stafford Stories
Thanks Melissa

Rebecca said...

Daily Rebecca

Michelle said...

I am so glad you're bringing this back. I would love to participate if you need more people.

Adventures in Parenthood

Mimi said...

Glad you are bringing back DITL, I love them!

I have a 10 month old son and would love to participate. Here is my info:
Frugalicious Living

Kate said...

I know I'm a little late but congratulations on your pregnancy!!

Meredith said...

I so need to get better about getting up before Lizzy again...but lately I just CANNOT seem to get myself out of bed!!!

Still, I think it makes the biggest difference in me having a more productive morning versus wasting it away reading blogs! ;)

Laura said...

congrats on baby number 2! Im impressed with your motivation to keep working out preggo! I totally lost my will to do anything but sleep when I was pregnant :) If you need another day in the life post...I will be happy to! I did one last year, but life has changed and its not even the same! We are homeschooling now! my email is or !

Michele said...

Would love to participate!



MommaBBabyboy said...

I'd love to join in! I'm currently in the middle of a blog redesign to change "Momma B & Babyboy" to "Momma B & the boys" since our newest arrival! & my email is, spelt exactly like that. One day I'll get a grown up email!

A huge congratulations too! I've said it once already but I always get ridiculously excited for pregnant people!!


Randi said...

I will if you need another Ashley! My life will become decidedly more eventful after the arrival of baby #2 in November!

Bring on the New

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

I would be interested.
How fun.

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...