August 6, 2012

week in iphone pics

This one is a couple weeks worth, and yes, I'm back dating some posts.  I want the photos in here because this is a blog for my family, but I figure no one needs three posts in a row of a million phone pictures.  I got sick of taking pictures on my phone for a while, so there aren't a ton from the last month, but that is just fine.  I think our life is still well documented :o).

July 22 - August 5 2012

no nap crazy child.  fro yo date.  zero entry love.  snack at the gym.  new hiding spot.  post bath happiness.  sock mittens.  creating a masterpiece.  the museum with the boys.  doc mcRyann.  book lover.  yogurt thief.  happy girl.  big drink, little lady.  snack in a box.  overwhelmed.  spent.  banana cake.  pipe cleaner fun.  beautiful morning.  cake with daddy.

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