August 1, 2012

this and that

::  I think I want to bring back the 'day in the life' posts.  But only if you all are interested in reading/participating.  Do you all enjoy reading those posts?  Not at all?  Let me know what you think.  If I get some yay votes then I'll ask for volunteers.  Or if you have a suggestion for how to improve those posts, or who you'd like me to convince to write up a post :o) leave that in the comments sections.

::  I'm pretty sure 3 obese squirrels are having a wrestling match on my roof right now.  It sounds like it is going to fall in.

::  I've become moderately obsessed with this image of a master bedroom by Kerrisdale Design.  So obsessed that apparently I've pinned it three times.  Whoops.  I desperately want to redesign our master bedroom (and Mandy, now I want to even more since reading about your upcoming reno!), and now I absolutely must have an upholstered nailhead trimmed headboard.  Must.  I've seen some I like, but not in a fabric I like just yet.  When I find it, watch out, bedroom reno is on.  (Hi Mom!  Hi Christopher!  I know you're excited to hear that since you'll have to help :o).


::  Something to think about in regards to posting pictures on your blog posts.  Always ALWAYS ask permission before sharing a photo that is not yours on your blog, even if you are giving proper credit.  Go read Meredith's recent post for a little more info.

::  I've been a bit of an insomniac lately, so you know what I've decided to do?  Reorganize my pinterest boards.  Yep, how dorky and ridiculous is that?  I was getting irritated that I had put all food items into one board, so I'm in the process of separating them out.  Excellent use of time I tell you, excellent.

::  Last week Ryann and I were at the park, and an older Dad (35? 40? I have no idea), showed up with a two year old and maybe a six year old or something.  We were just playing, whatever, the kids kind of acknowledged each other, he made some small talk.  I had called to Ryann a couple of times when she was doing things I didn't want her to, and then he turned to me and said, "Her name is Ryan? (Ryann obviously, but whatever, I figured that is what he was thinking in his head.)"  "Yes, Ryann."  "Oh, well that's a bit, different."  Yes sir, I am well aware I gave my little girl a boy's name.  I know some people frown upon that.  But I simply can't imagine her as anything else!  It has been the first time anyone has had the balls to actually say something to my face.  Where do you stand on that debate?  Should girls have boys' names?  Love it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  No worries, you won't hurt my feelings, I love my daughter's name and I wouldn't change it for anything.

You know the best part of that whole little park scenario?  I ran into that same dad yesterday while letting Ryann play at the museum.  Figures.  He didn't say anything, but I'm going to assume since he obviously heard me call her Ryann multiple times, he recognized us.

::  And even though this photo technically probably isn't very good, and her eyes are out of focus, and the color is a little weird, how cute is this smile?  This smile almost makes me believe that she is sweet most of the time... :o)



Sarah and Derek said...

I'm a fan of a day in the life AND boy names for girls. All the cool peole do it :) you can go ahead and pencil me in for a day in the life for uummm January :) daycare will be back open so should be a busy day.

Love that pic!

Anonymous said...

People will say just about anything! I love how you said you can't imagine her as anything but Ryann. There's your reassurance right there!

EmilyE said...

I do like a day in the life posts. I find that reading them makes me feel a lot more normal! Also, boy names are cute on girls but girl names not so much on boys! I used to work in a job that I came across many men with feminine names. I actually am naming our little girl Claire Ryann. I, like you , chose to use two n's to make it a little more feminine. The name is after my brother Ryan. Your little Ryann was the second time I had heard of using this name for a girl and I thought it was adorable. I think her personality fits it well! On a different note, the whole photo credit issue drives me BONKERS! I mean really people??? It reminds me of when people sue because THEY walked through a glass wall that they didn't see. I can understand when a picture is used inappropriately but just to say "hey, I like this" seems ridiculous to me. Now I too want to delete any post with outside sources in them! I had insomnia like crazy toward the end of my other two pregnancies and I keep kind of hoping it will kick in with this one (so I can get some time to do little things on the computer) but it hasn't! Last thing, this photo of Ryann is AdOraBle! You did a fantastic job.

lalalovely lindsay said...

My thoughts on the name game: We adopted our oldest child, our daughter. She was three months old when she came to live with us and at that time, her given name was Elliott after the blonde doctor on Scrubs. We never once called her Elliott, except for giving her name at the doctor's office or pharmacy, to the case worker, etc. She's always been Ellie. Every time her name was spoken I'd get a funny look or they'd call her a boy even though she clearly was dressed head-to-toe in pink. As a teacher, I knew this trend would continue. An adult would see her name on a roster and call her a boy. Honest mistake, but I couldn't handle it. When the time came to finalize her adoption, we did change her first and last name. Her formal name is now Elizabeth but she still is known as Ellie. Every once in a while I wonder if I did the right thing, but to me it comes down to that every parent is given the right to name their child. Her birth mother gave her a name, but I also gave her a name.

Jenny said...

*I love the day in the life posts! I have a 3 month old daughter, and when she was born, I actually went back and read all of your old day in the life posts because I felt pretty lost and wanted to see what the other mommies were doing. I'd love to participate if you start it back up.
*I, too, love that bedroom picture, and I would like to have that EXACT upholstered nailhead headboard. I'm a sucker for a wide gray stripe like that.
*I don't really care for boys names on girls. My mom has one, and it has plagued her her whole life. I do have a niece named Frances, though, who goes by Frankie, which is pretty adorable. And one of my best friends also has a daughter named Ryann and it doesn't bother me a bit (and she loves her name). I guess it just depends on the name?

Hawt-Momma said...

I LOVE LOVE her name! Of course I am kind of partial, my daughters name is Logan and Ryan was actually on our list. Ryann suits her PERFECTLY! PS I love reading day in the life posts!

Erin said...

We named our little girl Charlotte with the intention of calling her Charlie. She's now almost 2 and, I'm pretty sure has no idea her name is Charlotte, since we never use it. But she has the option of a more feminine name when she gets older, should she want it. But Ryann seems like a perfect name for your sassy little one :) ps- my pinterest boards are so organized its ridiculous...cause its easier than organizing my house.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the phot comment! I actually stopped blogging bc my outfit of the day photos were floating around the internet. They aren't copyrighted and it kind of freaked me out.

The Bignon Family said...

One of my best friend's from college is Ryan (sp Ryan) and a girl! I like it!! And I like "girl" names for boys Ashley and Brooks...

And would love to see more Day in the life posts. I always enjoyed them.

Scott & Alisha Jo said...

I've never commented on your blog but I've stalked it for quite a while! I LOVE the name Ryann, in fact it was on our list too. If we have another child and she's a girl that's actually the name my hubs and I want to use. Our twin girls are Ellison (traditional Irish boys name) and Charlotte, but we call them Ellie Jo and Charlie. Naming a child is a big decision and everybody is a critic... As for the "day in the life" post I love them. I'm a first time mom so I appreciate seeing how other mom's organize their day!

Ashley Godfrey said...

I was born in 1984 and my middle name is Ryan, so it is not a new thing. And also Ashley was considered a boys name at that time... so my parents were really throwing caution to the wind when they picked 2 "boys" names for their little girl!

I love her name! and I wouldn't let it bother you if anyone has anything "different" to say!

lindsay said...

I love boy names for girls! I think it's super cute. If I had a girl, Charlie would have been in the mix as a name choice :)

I reorganized my Pinterest boards a while ago broken down into soups, salads, drinks, sweets, dinners, etc. It was driving me nuts having it all under one. I feel like I need to even break it down even more since I feel my boards are getting too cluttered. Weird???

Cubbies and Nooks said...

Oh man, I think I would have tried to say something to make him uncomfortable like (1) yes, I named her after her DEAD FATHER you ASS or (2) Yes, Ryan is an interesting name for a girl. But she's just a boy that I dress in girl's clothing, sucka.

Megan said...

I really like the day in the life posts. And I like boy names for girls. I love Ryann. I like that it's different from the Sam's and Alex's which are just short for longer girl names.

Kelly said...

Love day in the life posts. I'd love to sign up to do it again once the new baby comes and compare what it was like with just C ;) As far as names go, I cannot picture your Ryann being named anything else. I think it totally suits her and is not just a "boy" name anymore.

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Meredith said...

People are so weird. Even if a name choice isn't my favorite, I really couldn't ever imagine saying anything negative to the person about it unless they were specifically asking what I thought!

Second of all, I love Day in the Life posts, but it seems like they must be a ton of work for you! Another option would be to have a once a month (or however often you decide) link-up...which would mean less coordinating work for you I think! Whatever you decide, I'm reading (even if not always commenting--I've sucked at that lately).