November 21, 2012

a day in the life - beth

Um, it's almost Thanksgiving.  Which means it is almost Christmas.  Which means it is just about 2013.  Which means I'm practically having a baby next week, right?  I'm so anxious to know what our life will look like with two littles.

Beth knows all about it.  I hope you enjoy a peek at her day!
I'm Beth (aka Momma B) and I live with my fiancé Colin, and our two beautiful boys Daniel (who's two and a half) and Joshua (who's five months old),so I basically blog about them over at Momma B & Babyboy. I'm so excited to be sharing a day in our lives on Ashley's blog today, it's one of my absolute favourites & one i can always relate to! I documented a Tuesday, though every day is different round here with pre-school, toddler groups and other activities! I also had grand plans to take proper pictures (i.e. not with my iPhone) but life got in the way, oh well! Hope you enjoy this peek into our day, I love reading nosy posts lie this!
 My creation 
At around 7:20 Colin gets out of bed & Daniel starts to yell. With getting up during the night with Joshua I struggle more to wake up in the morning, so Daniel settles in our bed and watches a show on the iPad. Joshua wakes anytime from then, always smiling, and we all snuggle up in bed (if we have nowhere to be) or I rush around getting everyone dressed. Daniel took that last picture, of me & Joshua!
My creation 
This particular day was a Tuesday, so we all got ready & headed downstairs for breakfast at around 8am before taking Daniel to pre-school. He goes two mornings a week, to encourage his independence as he's been with a childminder since he was 10 months old. It was rough going at first but he has great fun at 'Pre' now! I'm breast feeding Joshua on demand, and often do so over my own bowl of corn flakes! I've recently started running, doing the C25k, so Joshua and I went for a little jog after dropping Daniel off at 8:45. I popped him into the bouncer while I had a quick shower, and then he relaxed on my bed while I got ready. Then I picked up the house and tidied the kitchen, boring jobs as I'm more productive in the mornings, then I get to spend more time playing with both boys in the afternoon.
My creation 
Daniel finishes pre-school at 11:45, so we head straight home for lunch. Kiddo's a picky eater, and won't eat sandwiches or cheese so lunch isn't easy. We had crackers, cheese (I tried to trick him with string cheese, but no bueno), cucumber and little marshmallows for Daniel as a special treat.
My creation 
He was pretty psyched about the marshmallows! After lunch Daniel naps, for anytime between an hour to two, and I get to have one-on-one time with Joshua. I could be doing something off my never ending to-do list, but that can all wait - he won't wait to grow up! We sing songs & I often feed him to sleep, taking the time to savour the moments and sometimes napping myself!
 My creation 
When Daniel wakes (usually at around 3pm) he often requests a show, I try to limit his TV viewing but he has an obsession with Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Joshua enjoys it too!! Apparently we didn't have a picture-worthy afternoon, but play dates are the norm, along with afternoons full of trains/cars/puzzles. Joshua's often quite content to watch us play, he finds his brother fascinating & stares at him with such adoration - it's the sweetest!
 My creation 
Despite our 'witching hour' being between 6-7, I always somehow manage to get us all fed - even if I do have to eat one handed with a baby on my lap. I honestly have no idea how I managed to get Joshua to sleep on the sofa like that, he's a little monster when if comes to napping and will only do so on me or in his pushchair! Which for the moment is actually more ideal than only sleeping in his cot as we're often out and about.
 My creation 
After dinner we read books, some quality time with my big boy while Joshua slept. Daniel loves books and will quite happily read the same ones over and over. We have a huge book collection that is still growing and I love it! I adored reading through school and though it's lower on my list of priorities now I'm so happy that Daniel loves it too! Daddy gets home just after 7pm, he works long hours as an estate agent so the boys are always thrilled to see him! Especially when he lifts Daniel up to be Superman!
 My creation 
7:30 is bath time, we've had a bedtime routine with both boys since birth and I credit it with them both being great sleepers from day one. Joshua's enjoying bath time more and more these days - splashing and smiling at his brother! I often do baths solo while Colin eats his dinner, we sing songs and Daniel helps me wash Joshua which is adorable!
 My creation 
We often tag team the boys after bath time, Colin gets Daniel into his pyjamas (and let's him jump on the bed & wrestle!) while I get Joshua ready. Then we all snuggle in our bed and read 'Goodnight Moon' while I feed Joshua, and Colin puts Daniel to bed too. Once both boys are down for the night (Joshua only wakes once) I don't have the energy to do much, so I relax on the sofa with Colin. Sometimes we'll watch a show (we're really into Heroes right now!) or Colin will play on his Xbox while I blog, occasionally with a glass of wine! Bedtime for me is around 10:30, ready to start all over again the next day! 
What is the most surprising thing about being a Mom? 
How much I love my boys. Cheesey, but true. When I was pregnant, I had the crazy worry that I just couldn't love any more, but these boys just make my heart swell! 

What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be Mamas? 
Ask for advice if you need it, but ignore it if you don't. Trust your instincts, and try not to worry or panic. Colin and I are both quite laid back, and I think that's rubbed off on the boys too. 

What are your top three baby products? 
  • Sophie Giraffe, Joshua's very best friend! Daniel quite likes her too actually! 
  • A bouncer, somewhere entertaining & safe to put your babe while you make shower/eat/go to the toilet is a must. 
  • A sling or baby carrier, for a thousand reasons! I use mine when we go to the shops/when I'm making dinner/playing outside, everywhere really! Whenever you might need two hands and to snuggle your baby at the same time! 
 Lots of Love Momma B xxx
Thanks for sharing your day with us Beth!


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see a breastfeeding, baby-wearing mama here!

Nessa Bixler said...

Love these. Seeing how other mamas go about their day is so fun. Applause for getting a run in!! That is a task I haven't managed well with two - getting a workout in consistently.