November 1, 2012

embrace the camera

Embrace the camera... or today, Halloween photo dump.  Sorry.  I can't help myself.  My little pirate was just too cute in my opinion!

Over the weekend we went to some Halloween parties.  I was a pumpkin, Chris was a farmer.  It works, right?


Yesterday Ryann had MDO, so we snagged this sweet little pumpkin shirt at Kohl's for like $4 or something.  Score.  And I wish she'd let me put her hair in a ponytail more often, because it is adorable.  But really annoying to do...  I was hoping she'd give me just one sweet smile, but, well, sometimes you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!  :o)


And finally, one last time in the costume so I had to snap a million pictures of course.  Helped that Christopher actually got her personality to come out :o).  Ryann rocked trick-or-treating for the most part.  She marched from house to house, searching for lit porches and open doors.  "That one is open, let's go!"  She walked around the neighborhood like she owned the place.  We thought we'd only go to a few houses and call it a night, but after a couple of pieces of candy were in that bucket she couldn't stop.  "Let's do another house.  Come on!"  We still didn't stay out long, but I don't think the wee one is short on candy.


Whew.  Ok, that was totally an overload of pictures.  Whatever.  All of our costumes were actually rather easy to put together this year (I say that not being the person who did any sewing :o).  Christopher's is all store bought.  My shirt was a $15 at Destination Maternity.  I cut the face out of some fabric leftover from Ryann's vest and my mom stitched it on the belly.  For my headband we deconstructed some holiday floral stems we found at Hobby Lobby, and I hot glued them plus some ribbon to a headband.

Ryann's costume is comprised of a bandana from Hobby Lobby, a white shirt from Kohls, black and white striped leggings from Old Navy (that you can't see because hello skirt), a pettiskirt from a local boutique and black boots from The Children's Place.  The vest my mom sewed for me.  We had a hard time finding a pattern I liked, because of course I always get an idea in my head that I can't get over, but she wound up finding this one from an angel costume or something and it worked.

And because I'm so freaking excited to have another little one dress up next year, I'm already thinking of costumes... :o)

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Amanda said...

What great costume ideas!

I love the couples costume idea!

It looks like little Ryann racked up on candy :)

Carrie said...

i can't get over that little pirate costume!!! ryann looks sooo cute! and i love your pumpkin shirt. i had the same sort of idea this year but i guess i'm a little more ghetto because i used duct tape. ; ) (just scroll to the end of the post for the picture)

Amanda in California said...

Seriously, Ryann's costume is my favorite children's Halloween costume ever!! You did such a great job putting it together. And she is so precious.