November 23, 2012

twenty-seven weeks


written November 22nd

I think I might finally be coming to the realization that were are going to have another baby.  After painting the nursery and getting the crib put back together, I just sat in her room and daydreamed a bit.  And with people popping out babies around me, I'm getting anxious to hold MY baby.  Hopefully the other snuggly babies can tide me over for a bit.

how far along:  27 weeks (compare to 27 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a rutabaga, between 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighing somewhere between 1.5-2.5 pounds. She is still working on her breathing and beginning to show some brain activity.

weight gain:  13.2 pounds.   But actually I didn't step on the scale this morning (and, um, yesterday it said I was up another two pounds) because we are at my parents.  I'm guessing at least 15 pounds.  The eating healthier thing?  It just isn't happening.  And it is freaking Thanksgiving.  Who am I kidding, by next week I'll probably have gained another two or three.  Oy. 

maternity clothes:  I got a couple of Gap demi panel pants, and even though I don't know that they are the most flattering as far as looks go, they are incredibly comfortable.  So much more comfortable than a full panel in my opinion.  Wish I had tried them sooner!

symptoms:  Maybe a braxton hicks contraction here or there?  Or really bad gas pain.  Or both.  Whatever.  Just a lot of uncomfortableness in the belly region a lot.  And the whole torn abdominal muscles thing.  My belly pretty much just never feels 'right'.  And I get pretty bad 'restless leg' in my left leg in the evenings. 

exercise:  Four workouts.  A 5k jog/walk on the treadmill, 50/50 Group fitness class, a 5k walk on the treadmill, and one day of a cardio hodge podge :o).  I tried the elliptical first, but after 15 minutes (and 1.5 miles) my belly was killing me.  I tried to do a slow walk on the treadmill, but the belly still hurt.  Hopped on the bike for 15 minutes (3 miles) but that was uncomfortable in general just with the belly in the way.  So I got back on the treadmill and slow walked a mile, which didn't hurt so bad.

cravings/aversions: Puppy chow, chicken salad sandwiches and Mexican.  Why I can't get enough of chicken salad sandwiches I have no idea.  I've never really loved them before.  Still keep me away from olives and pizza, and apparently anything healthy...

movement:  Some days she is crazy.  Some days I don't feel the movement as much, but the rest of me does.  As in I had to pee seven times in a span of five hours yesterday.  And a lot of times it is sudden OMG I am going to wet my pants if I don't get to a bathroom NOW need to pee.  So I know she is doing a dance on my bladder now and then.  Pretty sure I've gotten a few swift kicks to the cervix as well.  Let me tell you how good that feels...

sleep:  I'm having to wake up at least once a night to pee, and I can't really sleep past 6am.  Usually 5:30.  I'm guessing I won't sleep well until this babe is maybe, um, 6 months to a year?  Squee.

gender: Girl.

looking forward to: It may be Thanksgiving, but bring it on Christmas.  Bring it on.  I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!  Also looking forward to snuggling Sarah's brand new baby girl.  Congrats Sarah!  So excited for you and your family.

worries: Back to my baby is going to be huge and I'm going to go a month overdue (which I know in reality won't happen, this girl will get evicted before then, but that is what I'm imagining).  Ryann was just so petite and so easy to um, get out?  I want another little baby.  It was nice.

what's different this time:  Even though I workout a lot more than I did with Ryann, I definitely seem to be gaining weight faster.  I also think I wasn't as hungry, or as inclined to eat when I was pregnant with Ryann.  My belly seems bigger as well, but I think really it 'sticks out' where as I was more 'round' with Ryann, and the rest of me is just smaller.  Maybe it just looks bigger.

milestones:  Somehow I am in my third trimester now.  Um, what?

best moment this week:  Painting the nursery!!  And in general it has just been a good week.  Chris has time off, Ryann is a happy camper, we've spent time with friends and family.  I have a lot to be thankful for today.


Tysie said...

You are absolutely glowing!!!

christa said...

You look great!