November 14, 2012

a day in the life - melissa

Good morning!  I'm feeling like super woman today seeing as I've already done a load of laundry and gotten in a workout before 6:30am.  I'm hoping to squeeze in a shower right after I push publish on this post before the little miss wakes up.  Might be pushing it...  Anyway, make sure you don't forget about the Sara Olsen Design's Giveaway!  You have until Thursday night to enter.

Today you get to have a peek into Melissa's life.  I hope you enjoy!


Hi Friends new and old!  I have always wanted to write a post in reference to a day in the life and when I saw that Ashley was doing guests posts on her blog I had to sign up!  I was hoping to do one of these posts early on in the year so I could get practice, but well that didn't happen.  It is funny how life gets so busy... from the moment my body leaves the bed each morning I do not stop until bed time.  Even than I am sitting in bed usually doing something on my iPhone.  Okay back to my introduction, hi my name is Melissa I am a wife to Chad, a mommy to two beautiful blue eyed boys Grayson who is 2 1/2 years old and Crew who is 8 months old.  I am a full time working mommy who works in the vendor community calling on the Walmart and Sam's Club account. 

Now after that wordy and lengthy introduction will you join me on a day in the life of Melissa on a somewhat typical Wednesday.

On this particular Wednesday I was UP TWICE with Crew in the EARLY hours, first at 11PM on Tuesday, but I was not back in bed until 12:30AM.  Than I was up again at 2AM.  I don't have pictures to account for this, but trust me I was up spending quality time with just Crew.  Crew is my baby that doesn't like to sleep.  He would rather see his mommy... 

{a typical morning in the Stafford home}

Crew woke up at 5:45AM for the morning I nursed him briefly, but he was more interested in playing.  So he sat up in my bed played and I turned on cartoons for him to watch.  
I made my way to the kitchen at 6:16AM to get my pumping supplies and breakfast for myself.  I than went back to the bedroom to join Crew in my bed to pump and eat breakfast.
At  6:25AM Chad wakes up Grayson to get him ready for school and by 6:45AM they are both out the door and on their way to school.  Crew is still home with me hanging out. 
Once I completely finish pumping Crew and I move to the living room where he plays and I do some work.  Mainly I do my daily Walmart reports so they are ready for the sales team when they arrive at work for the day.  I also spent time getting Crew's bottles and clothes ready for school and making beds in the house. 
Since Crew didn't nurse well earlier he was ready for a bottle around 7:30AM.  Once his energy was restored from drinking some milk he was ready to play. 
I took this moment to jump in the shower.
At 8AM I rock Crew to sleep for his morning nap and by 8:19AM I am getting ready for the day and about 30 minutes after that I am sitting down to work again waiting for Crew to wake up from his morning nap. 
Crew takes a EXTRA long nap today, which NEVER happens and by 9:45AM he is up and we are heading to school.
I arrive at my office around 10:15AM and it starts with a conference call
At 10:55 AM my hubby sends me our final house blueprints for me to see, I love them!
I take a SHORT coffee break around NOON at my favorite coffee place in Northwest Arkansas, but than I am back to working the rest of the afternoon on spreadsheets and sales reports. 
At 4:30PM I am done with work and in the car to go and get Crew.
Shortly after picking up Crew we joined Grayson at the park with friends.  Our friends were so nice to pick up Grayson on this particular Wednesday and take him to the park.  It is not very often in November that it is nice to spend time at the park, but we do when we can.
At 5:30PM Crew and I are home together just the two of us.  I feed Crew dinner and shortly after we arrive home Grayson is home with daddy and Crew and Grayson play together shortly before it is bath time.
At 6:30 PM Crew is MORE than ready for bed.  Since he doesn't nap at school he goes to bed early! 
I finally have a few moments to eat dinner and spend time with Grayson before he is off to bed.
Grayson always goes to bed at 7:30PM after both boys are in bed I spent the evening working as this is a busy time at work for me. 
At 9:34PM I pump and work
At 10:00PM I am in bed... it only lasted until 12:30AM and Crew was up again, but it is a new day!
Thanks for following my day with me.  It was boring, but busy!  I feel BUSY all the time now with 2 BOYS, a full time job, and now we are starting to build our forever home.  It is all exciting and I wouldn't change anything that has been given to me.  We are greatly blessed and we give praise to GOD for his blessings upon us! 

Questions from Ashley:

1.  What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mom?
I think at some point everything is surprising.  I think right now in the stage I am with a 2 1/2 year old the surprising thing for me is the amount of things they learn and absorb into their tiny heads.  It amazes me everyday the amount of things Grayson remembers and the things he does from what we teach him or what he learns at school.  With Crew the things that have surprised me is every baby is different and Crew is living proof.  We didn't or haven't done anything different with Crew that we did with Grayson, however Crew is so different.  So even after having one and thinking I know what to do, there are days where I am completely at a loss on what to do.  For example Crew is not a sleeper.  We have nights where he will wake up in the middle of the night and want to stay up for HOURS.  Some days it is frustrating and other days it is funny.  I just try to tell myself that it is moments that I can spend with Crew one on one.  Being a mom has it's surprises each and every day.  It is the best reward and my favorite JOB to have.  I adore my two boys and the family that my husband and I have created. 

2.  What advice would you give to a new or soon-to-be mamas?
My advice to a new mom or a soon-to-be mama is to take ONE day at a time.  Don't worry about the small details.  Live in the moment with your baby.  The newborn stage goes by so quickly.  I know with Grayson I was so worried about routines when he was a newborn, but it quickly went out the window when he started daycare at 3 months old.  With Crew I just enjoyed every moment of the day with him when he was a newborn.  I didn't worry about schedules or breaking habits I just enjoyed every moment.  Even the moments when all he did was cry!  I would also say don't worry about getting rid of the paci, bottle, swaddles etc... it will all happen in the right time.  I worried about all of these things with Grayson and I will tell you that everything happened at the right time and it wasn't stressful at all.  The last advice I will give is when someone gives you advice listen and absorb the thoughts the person is sharing with you, but in the end do what your mommy hearts says to do.  You are the mom and you will know what is best to do for your baby. 

3.  What are your top three baby products?
My top three baby products
1.  Nap Nanny - both my boys LOVED sleeping in this from the moment we got home from the hospital
2.  Baby Monitor - I could not live without a baby monitor, if we didn't have one I would constantly go into the boys room and check on them.
3.  Wubbanub Paci - both of my boys LOVE these paci's.  They have become pals to Grayson.  He gets so excited to be reunited with them at bed time.  That is the only time he gets them.  We are hoping to get rid of them soon... no comments please.  I know it is time. 

~Thanks again for joining me on a somewhat typical day in the life of Melissa at Stafford Stories~


Thank you for sharing your day with us Melissa!


Jenny Marrs said...

What a great post! Melissa- you are so busy and I love that you documented a typical day... so fun to see that I'm not the only momma running all day long :)!! Such a sweet keepsake for your boys someday too!

Erin said...

So tired - my 8 month old boy is also not that great of a sleeper too so I can relate!