November 6, 2012

project 366 {week 42}


Err... I'm getting pretty behind with editing these yet again.  But at least I'm still trying!  I'm very very thankful that there are only two months left in this project.  Not sure I really want to tackle a project like this again.  Maybe a project 52, but daily?  Daily is tough.  Still loving that I have all of these photos though.  Ryann has changed so much over the year, just looking back at my first set of pictures baffles me!


Devin said...

Could you do a post on Ryann's clothes? My daughter is 15 months and until about a year old, she wore most the clothes that we received at showers or as gifts when she was born. It's only recently that we've basically had to go out and buy her all new things as she grew out of the last size. We aren't fortunate enough to have older cousins/friends to receive hand-me-downs from. It's a struggle to not over-buy clothes but since she's growing so quickly I really consciously try and limit our purchases to what she really needs (about 10 tops/pants and a couple dresses for church or dress up occasions). Ryann is always adorably dressed and even in those post, I noticed she's wearing quite a few different outfits. I'd love to know any tips you have for how much to purchase.

Paige said...

These pictures are so great! I think you do a great job capturing the everyday- which I think is soooo much better than posed. I just looked at your first post too & it's amazing how much she's grown since January! How do you get the words and date on your pics?

Amber said...

Such precious photos! Im right there with you that I love looking back at all the photos Ive taken over the year, but sometimes it is a pain to remember to take them each day.