November 2, 2012

twenty-four weeks


written November 1st

Umm, can we talk about that belly?  It feels way bigger than last week.  I think it looks bigger too.  And it has started to get uncomfortable.  It is frequently lopsided and shifts position all over the place depending on where little girl is.  

how far along:  24 weeks (compare to 24 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a papaya, between 10.5-11.8 inches long and weighing 12.7 to 20.8 ounces.  Again, same size description, different fruit.  Lame, but whatever.  She is starting to form more fat under her skin.  Which is good because I'm hoping all this weight gain isn't going to stick to me...

weight gain:  10.6 pounds.  Eek.  Halloween candy + a lot less exercise = a 2.2 pound weight gain.  Obviously some of it went to the kid, but sooner or later I really need to get this crap eating in check.  It isn't going to happen in the next week though, I can guarantee it!

maternity clothes:  Did you see the belly?  Um yes, maternity clothes.

symptoms:  I'm uncomfortable.  I get nauseous if I do too much.  I swear my body feels like it is way further along than it really is, and it is kind of pissing me off.  I was doing pretty good, feeling pretty comfortable (not perfect, but you know what I mean) and then bam.  All of a sudden I feel like this sucks.  And I have 16 more weeks of this sucks to go...

exercise:  Only three recorded workouts again this week.  Chris and I went on a run together, which was kind of fun (for me ;o) but I think I pulled something in my hip.  And now walking at even a moderate pace is painful.  So I'm stuck on the elliptical, which is good because at least it is something, but I hate it.

cravings/aversions: Halloween candy.  Because duh, I have tons of it.

movement:  Crazy amounts of movement.  And so painful sometimes.  Seriously, I'm screwed if I'm this uncomfortable already.

sleep:  When I get to sleep I'm alright for the most part.  But it is starting to get difficult to get comfortable even in bed.  I really REALLY miss sleeping on my stomach.

gender: Girl.  Who is apparently going to be apart of the Rocketts or something based on all the kicks.

looking forward to:  GEORGIA!  Bring on the time with my mama, the beach and some delicious seafood thank you very much.  Also thanks to Halloween being this week, I can't wait to dress the girls in coordinating costumes next year.  I just hope Ryann will let me!

worries:  That I'm going to fail the gestational diabetes test in a couple weeks.  Probably because I'm seriously overloading my body with sugar.

what's different this time:  After reading my 24 week post with Ryann, I'd definitely say the movement.  This little girl is so stinking active, I can see my belly moving all the time.

milestones:  Viability!  At this point there is a chance of saving our little girl if she were to be born.  But I sure as heck hope she stays put for another 12 weeks at the absolute minimum, 14 would be great too.

best moment this week:  Halloween was fun.  Obviously I've gushed about it for the last three days now, but I couldn't get over how cute Ryann was in her costume, and she truly enjoyed herself this year.


Megan said...

Seriously you look GORGEOUS!

Wendy said...

I can't remember if you talked about trying to come up with baby names or not (I read A LOT of blogs) but while reading this post I had a brilliant idea! Georgia for her name. I know you typed it because you're going there, but I feel like it would work for y'all. Just a humble idea!

Ashley | said...

Belly belly belly!!

Meredith said...

Oh the lopsided belly--it HURTS when they do that, doesn't it?!

Looking so good mama!

Jami Nato said...

too too cute.