November 20, 2012

project 366 {week 43}


Whew.  I'm playing some serious catch up on editing.  Hopefully I can make myself knock out a few weeks over the next several days, because if I get any more behind I'll never do it.  I've also been really bad about taking pictures the last week or so.  I think I missed two or three days.  How terrible is that??  Mostly because I'm so close to the end of the project...

Carving pumpkins with Ryann was hilarious.  Because it turned into me carving pumpkins while she ran off to play with papa.  She got one teeny tiny bit of goo on her finger, and in the most straight forward voice said, "Wipe my finger, please."  And that was that.  She was done.  She did think my final product was pretty awesome though.

And I guess Christopher and Ryann watched some people playing tennis at the park one day.  Ryann thought it was pretty cool or something, and Christopher can't resist buying her toys sometimes, so two days later Ryann had a tennis racket.  She has no skill, but trying to hit those little balls sure makes her happy.

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WinterBenson said...

I'm pretty sure thats the cutest pirate I've ever seen!