January 31, 2013

some pregnancy favorites

Personally, I'm a product post junky.  I love hearing what other people like, be it cosmetics, workout gear, photography stuff, clothes, etc.  I want to know what other people have tried and loved.  One, because you have to make sure you buy the 'cool stuff,' right?  And two, because it is nice to know that someone else has given the product approval before you spend your cash.  So here are some things I enjoyed this pregnancy (and some stuff that I just plain like)...


Blue Bell Strawberry Fruit Bars  ::  I'm a chocolate addict, and usually want some sort of chocolatey ice cream treat as my nightly dessert.  But even not pregnant I'm pretty hooked on these things.  They are the only brand of fruit bars I really like (something about the texture is perfect), and I'm not partial to any other flavors, but the strawberry ones pretty much rock.

Target Long & Lean Tanks  ::  I always heard people rant and rave about these Target tanks.  Sans belly they definitely don't work for me.  The straps are too long and something about the fit is off.  But under another shirt?  Perfect during pregnancy.  Way cheaper than any of the maternity tanks I've seen, nice and long and stretchy.  I've also started wearing them to workout in since none of my workout tops or t-shirts fit anymore.

Hudson Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans  ::  Definitely a splurge for maternity wear.  It is tough to spend a lot of money on an item you can only use for a limited number of months.  But I have worn these babies at least two to three times a week since the 19-20 week mark.  For the most part the panel stays up, they are comfortable, and have a great fit.

Vitafushion Prenatal Vitamins  ::  Regular prenatals make me vomit.  Which is awesome when you're already queasy.  These don't have iron, which I'm guessing is my saving grace.  I just try to make sure I'm getting enough iron rich foods.  These vitamins also taste great.  Score.  Depending on where I buy them and what's on sale I've also used the Up & Up version at Target.

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm  ::  This is just a favorite item in general, but in my opinion is extra great for moms, or moms to be.  It feels more like a chapstick and moisturizes pretty well, but has some color so you look like you tried, you know?

Gap Supersoft Leggings  ::  I had some maternity leggings from Target, but they just weren't cutting it.  They were always falling down or sagging in the crotch.  These from Gap?  Pretty much awesomeness.  They are so soft and stay put for the most part.  I will say the material is pretty thin, so although I would never advocate it anyway, I wouldn't suggest wearing these leggings as pants.  But they are great under tunics and dresses and such.

Gilligan & O'Malley Sleep Tee  ::  In general I just love these sleep tees.  I've been wearing them for quite some time now.  I don't do pajama sets, I can't have anything too restricting, and these have been awesome.  And for the most part they fit me throughout the pregnancy as well.  I can still wear them.  It is kind of like wearing your husbands shirt, only quite a bit cuter.

Camelbak  ::  Really, what I should say is find a water bottle, tumbler, something you love to drink out of that you can refill.  Ever since I started carrying around a Camelbak I drink a lot more water.  And that is especially important when you're pregnant.  I shoot to drink at least three full ones a day, and even then sometimes I can tell I need more water.  Crazy considering I used to barely consume probably 32 ounces in a day.

Mossimo Capri Yoga Pant  ::  These have been super comfortable on my belly.  And sometimes I wear them as leggings, and with tall boots in the winter you can't tell I'm wearing crops.  Comfortable, cheap, and they work.

Elbow Sleeve Side Ruched T-Shirt  ::  These t-shirts can be a little spendy, but they are super soft, nice and long and have fit me well since around 20 weeks.  They are usually buy one get one half off, and sometimes buy one get one free.  I stocked up on colors and wear them by themselves, under cardigans, etc.  I like the sleeve length too, short enough to wear in a bit warmer weather, but they stay put and don't bunch up under sweaters and such.

Fun earrings (LR2 signature earrings & some from Francesca's)  ::  Most of my maternity wardrobe is pretty basic, consisting of a lot of the tees listed just above.  The quickest way to dress them up?  A fun pair of earrings.  Or a necklace or scarf or something, but I'm just not quite that cool :o).  So earrings it is.  The LR2 signature earrings that I received when hosting a giveaway last year are still my go-to earrings.  Sparkly and fun, can be dressy or casual.  I also have several pairs of earrings from Francesca's.

I really wanted to be one of those girls who could make regular clothes work, but when it comes down to it sometimes maternity items are just easier.  So I suggest finding a few pieces that you love and can pair with a lot of things and just go for.  I hate the bellaband and used the hair tie trick instead.  I was able to wear some of my colored skinnies for quite a while thanks to that trick.  Also staple to my wardrobe in general are comfortable tall (flat heeled) boots.  For my maternity clothes I shopped at Gap, Destination Maternity and Shade Clothing.  Sometimes Old Navy has cute stuff, but for the most part I was never that impressed with the quality or fit.


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing, I love these posts too!

Target tanks were my go to item when I was pregnant (my daughter was born in August) and I definitely couldn't have live without them! I live the idea of being able to wear regular clothes.

I also need to invest in a good water bottle, one of my friends has also suggested the same one!

Anonymous said...

I love these types of posts too!

I love those prenatal vitamins, they are yummy! I had the same problem with prenatals and now that I've found the gummys, I'll never go back.

Michelle said...

Being relatively newly pregnant, and spending a minimal amount on my first pregnancy maternity wear, I appreciate that you listed all of this stuff out so nicely. I love lists like this! I'm due in August so I plan to wear a lot of maxi skirts this summer.. we'll see how it goes ;)

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I have a gillian o'malley sleep tee, too, and love it. I was going to ask how you get yourself to drink so much water - sounds like I need to get a water bottle I like and just keep it full!

viki said...

I have been following your blog for a while now. Being that I am pregnant, I am due in July, it is great to see lists like this.