February 4, 2015

elsie says

The more Elsie talks, the funnier she gets.  So I think it is about time to start writing down her cute and ridiculous phrases!

Elsie asks for a banana almost everyday for breakfast.  We cut them up and she eats them with a fork.  One morning I cut them just a little too thin...
"Get on my fork!  Right now!  Listen nana!"

Elsie:  touching her nipples "I got more belly buttons."
Me:  "Those aren't belly buttons.  They're called nipples."
Elsie:  "Belly buttons!"
Me:  "No, they are called nipples."
Elsie:  "No way!  I see your nittles?"
Me:  Dead.

She also regularly says "leave alone me!" and "my do it!"  Not my favorite phrases to come out of her mouth, but ones I don't want to forget.

And to cap off this post, Elsie's first pigtails.  Ryann wanted them to have matching hair, so I pulled E's back for the first time.  It absolutely won't happen often, because it takes more time and Elsie doesn't really love having it pulled back.  But it was super cute.  And her sass.  It's too much.


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