February 16, 2015

pink pink pink!

Yes, it's true.  There will be more pink and glitter and tutus in this house.  Baby number three is another girl!

I've gotten several 'how did you find out so early?!?!'  I honestly don't know which exact test I had done, I swear they just called it the panorama test?  Anyway, it is genetic blood testing you can do after 10 weeks.  They look for abnormalities in the chromosomes, and a lovely little bonus is that you can find out the sex super early on.  The test is geared towards people with risk factors, or women over the age of 35.  But the lab my office uses was only charging $25 for the test right now, so it didn't seem like a bad idea to go ahead and get it done.

My doctor's office called me about ten days after my blood was drawn with the results.  First she told me that everything looked normal and my risk was low for any abnormalities.  Yay!  Then she asked if I wanted to know the sex, to which I replied not over the phone.  I was able to go to the office and pick up an envelope with the results in it.  I took the envelope to Carter's and picked out a girl's outfit and a boy's outfit, then the girls who were working took those along with the envelope, and wrapped up the appropriate outfit.

Later that night after the girls were in bed, Chris and I opened the box together.  Now I loved the gender reveal party we had with Elsie, and the anticipation and excitement we had finding out with all our friends, but Chris was very adamant that if it were a third girl, he'd like to find out without being among a crowd.  I didn't blame him.  And wouldn't you know, we opened up that girly romper.


We are thrilled to be having another little girl, we're very excited to add to our family.  But yes, we both were pulling for a boy.  The idea of getting to raise a boy was exciting for both of us.  However three girls will be so much fun.  And so cute.  And I know girls.  And I'm already oogling headbands and rompers and oh my goodness.  THREE GIRLS!  So much fun.

What I find funny is that most of the responses to hearing it's a third girl are along the lines of 'oh your poor husband', as if A) three girls are going to make him absolutely miserable or B) I had zero interest in having a boy.  Whatever, it doesn't matter.  We've got a little baby girl on the way and I just can't wait to snuggle her, and see her with her big sisters, and oh my gosh what if she DOESN'T look like them?  That would be so weird.  I don't really see how it's possible with our gene pool, but I have no idea.

Here is the video of when we revealed the sex to our family and friends...

Yes, Miss Ryann was upset that candy didn't fall out.  Haha.  I'm pretty sure she was just a little overwhelmed by everything going on anyway.  And the video when we told the girls.  Sorry my computer wasn't cooperating so I didn't cut it any shorter.  But Ryann's reaction just cracks me up in this one too.

With the third being a girl, I think the most difficult thing for us right now is picking a name!  We've basically stopped talking about it because I don't know how we're going to agree.  I want a name that isn't in the top 100, and I have all these other ridiculous rules.  He has his own list that I have something against.  We're screwed.  But we'll figure it out.  I don't think not naming her is an option.  ;o)

A girl.  Another baby girl.

I love her.



Nikki Cotton said...


Erin said...

Ha yes, seriously the comments when you have 3 of either sex! It's ridiculous! Congrats on your baby girl, so so exciting.

Jeane said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting :-)

I am a mom of 4. My first 3 were girls and I LOVE it! And so did my husband.

We were happy with 3 and thought we were done. But then got pregnant again ;-). And it was a boy. Everybody makes comments on how we couldn't stop until we had our boy :/

You'll always get comments no matter what you do, ugh!

Anyway, I can't wait to follow your 3rd pregnancy (I've been following your blog for forever :-)).

Julie S. said...

Love it!

Tanya said...

Congratulations :) Long time reader though I rarely comment. Love reading about your girls and now another one! Awesome.

Liz Runningmomma said...

Oh gosh, I can't imagine coming up with a 3rd name! With our 2nd we couldn't think of another boy name to save our lives! Why is it that people always assume the man wants a boy? When we found out we were having a boy with our 1st people always said Ty must be so excited, but he actually wanted a girl. I was the one who wanted a boy!

J Young said...

I am one of four girls, no boys and I think my dad LOVED it. It takes a really special man to have all girls (if you end up that way) and it is a lot of fun having so many sisters! Congrats to your sweet family!