February 6, 2015

thirteen weeks

My sister keeps texting me asking if I'm showing yet.  I sent her this and said '13 weeks + Chipolte, I'm showing.  You're welcome.'  Haha, it is totally true though.  If I eat a solid meal I look WAY more pregnant than I actually am.


Well, Baby J 3.0 is a SHE!  We're having another baby girl.  I was surprised by a call from my doctor's office on Monday saying they had our genetic testing results.  The great news is everything looked normal.  And she said I could pick up our gender envelope.

So I quickly did just that!  After picking up the envelope I headed over to Carter's and picked out both a boy and a girl outfit.  Then the ladies who were working took the outfits and my envelope in the back and packaged up the appropriate outfit.  Monday night after the girls were in bed, Chris and I opened the box.  And there was the little girl outfit.  I won't lie, it was a little anti climactic.  We were both expecting a boy.  But we're thrilled to know there is a healthy little girl in there.  And the next day, as I did Ry and Elsie's hair in matching pig tails, I giggled imaging three adorable girls.

how far along:  13 weeks (compare to 13 weeks with Ryann, 13 weeks with Elsie)

size of babyaccording to the bump a peach, about 2.9 inches long and weighing .81 ounces.  Baby is growing vocal cords and teeth, and he or she even has finger prints!  Also, the intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into the baby's belly.

weight gain:  Errrr, I've been eating like crap.  And I'm now up two pounds.  Not surprised in the least bit.

maternity clothes:  I've worn a couple of maternity tops, but mostly because they are longer.  If I could find some longer regular tops I think I'd be fine right now.

symptoms: Headaches and occasional nausea.  And horrible bloating if I eat things like Chipolte.  But I love Chipolte.

exercise:  I'm embarrassed to say that I get a big old zero in this department for the week.  With some cold weather and getting stuff ready for Elsie's birthday party and one day where I couldn't bear the thought of fighting with Elsie to get in the car so we didn't go to the gym, it just didn't happen.  Hoping to be better this week!

cravings/aversions:  Fruit and chips.

movement:  Nothing yet.

sleep:  I keep waking up right around 5 needing to pee and just can't get back to sleep.  So frustrating.

gender:  I'm 3/3 on being wrong, we're having a girl!

looking forward to:  Announcing the pregnancy on social media this weekend and being able to start pinning all things baby.  :o)  Also going to Georgia soon.  We've enjoyed a few nice days and I don't want them to stop!

worries:  I'm stressing about the home renovation right now.  We need to get a lot of things picked out and I don't want to make the wrong decision.  And finding the time to get places to pick everything out is tough too.

what's different this time:  I'm too lazy to come up with something for this right now.  Ha.

best moment this week:  Finding out that we're going to have another baby girl, and that all of our blood work was normal.

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