February 24, 2015

valentine's fun

oh hey fashionably late blog post.  no one is surprised...

I felt like I sort of slacked on Valentine's day this year.  Between Elsie's birthday party and Ryann's first dance competition, plus the pregnancy and the new house, my brain has just been spent.  However we still had three days of heart day themed fun and the girls were non the wiser, so that is all that matters, right?

Thursday our friend Steph hosted a Valentine's themed playdate.  Which is obviously just an excuse to dress our kids in festive gear, take pictures, and eat treats.  But it works, the kids played and had fun, and the moms got to sit and chat.  Plus, pink and red cutenes.  #winning


On Friday I helped host the Valentine's party for Ryann's preschool class.  Elsie and I had to rush over after her dance class (Elsie takes dance class! It's so cute! More on that another time), so I opted to just be in charge of the plates and drinks.  I did go slightly Martha Stewart and covered the juice boxes in construction paper to make them a bit cuter.  Elsie made herself right at home, playing games with the kids and sneaking in at the table for snack too.  She is certainly not afraid to hang out with the big kids!


Ryann scored quite the loot from her class.  This year was surprisingly tame, with mostly store bought invites.  Which made me feel a bit better about ours.  I don't think either way is better, homemade vs store bought, but I do like making them.  It just didn't happen.


Saturday was Ryann's dance competition, and Chris had to get up and head out to work, but I still managed to sneak a little heart shaped fun in for the morning.  We got the girls simple little gifts, with a new shirt, some coloring utensils and stickers.  Then I made heart shaped pancakes and we had strawberry milk.  When I set out the platter of pancakes Ryann exclaimed, "MOM!  They're shaped like HEARTS!  You're AMAZING!!"  They were a little wonky, but they worked.  And it's the little things that make the kids the most happy.  :o)


That evening we wound up taking the girls to a semi nice Italian restaurant in town.  Really it was a last minute decision, but it worked out.  When we walked up to the hostess stand Ryann immediately said to the girl working, "My name is Ryann, this is my sister Elsie, and this is my mom Ashley.  She has a baby in her belly!"  The girl was a little overwhelmed with all the information, haha.  There weren't any other children in the dining room, so I felt a little bad, but for the most part the girls were very well behaved.  At one point a man across the room made eye contact with Elsie and waved at her.  Naturally her reaction was to lift her dress up and flash him her belly button.  That kid and her belly button, it's ridiculous.

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Liz Runningmomma said...

All of Elsie's antics with her belly button crack me up! I would have died laughing if I were that man!