February 3, 2015

our weekend

It's 5:40am and I can't sleep.  My brain is too busy.  I'd go for a run but it is at most 23 degrees, there is snow and ice on the ground, and I don't wanna.  So I suppose I might as well write a blog post!  It's been long enough.  Truthfully I've got a lot on my plate right now, and while I have had some free time, I just want to tune completely out come 8pm.  But home renovations are underway so soon enough I'll at least have all that to talk about!

Speaking of renovations, this weekend we went home to meet with a cabinet guy about designing our kitchen.  The kitchen has quickly escalated from just painting the cabinets white, to getting all new cabinets and appliances.  Funny how that happens.  In the long run I truly think it will be the best choice.  The house is going to feel almost brand new by the time we're done with it, and we will still be all in at less than we would have to build.  At least that what it seems like right now anyway.

They have ripped out all the carpet in the house, started taking out drawers and doors in the kitchen, and have almost completely gutted the master bathroom.  I have yet to completely come up with what I want the master bathroom to look like, or how I want it to be laid out.  Just one of the things keeping me up at night!  Unfortunately while we were at the house we noticed water leaking out of the dishwasher.  We tried to clean it up, couldn't figure out why the water was coming out, but scooped some out and thought we were good to go.  But the dang thing kept filling back up.  My dad and Chris came up with a solution, somehow shutting something off and turning on faucets in the basement.  But not before some of our hardwoods were definitely ruined.  We're getting them refinished so it shouldn't be an issue, but it was certainly frustrating.


After we finished meeting with the cabinet guy, Chris won all the dad points by driving Ryann back to Kansas City for an hour long event at her school.  It was Daddy Dino Day, where the kids and the dads could go have fun doing dinosaur activities.  I really didn't think he would take her, nearly three hours in the car, for an hour event, all while the KU basketball game was on (ROCK CHALK!).  But Christopher loves his girls, and Ry desparately wanted to go.  Ryann said they had dino snacks and did an obstacle course, dug for fossils and some other various things.  She had a blast and I'm so thankful she has a loving daddy who will do those things with her.


Also, she picked out her headband and bracelet that day.  Accessories are key!  :o)

If Christopher won all the daddy points, my parents definitely took the win on grandparent points for the weekend.  It was a cold gloomy weekend, so they opted to do something a little different.  The bounce house inside for a change!  I'm not sure why we've never tried it, but it definitely kept the girls busy while we were in town.  We regularly had to tell Elsie that the bounce house had to take a nap so that the thing wasn't running all day long.  Sorry about that electric bill Papa!


The rest of the weekend was spent pouring over pinterest for kitchen and bath ideas, eating big breakfasts and yummy dinners and making decorations for Elsie's birthday party.  As of Saturday the only thing I had accomplished was buying supplies and spray painting a giant E.  By Sunday night I had made 75 tissue tassels.  Whew!  My mom definitely played a role in it by cutting most of the tassels, while I did all the twisting and gluing.  The color scheme is starting to look a little 80's to me or something, but whatever.  I didn't want to use just black and yellow, so I threw in some other stuff.  Maybe a little more pastel would have been better, but nonetheless I think it will be fun!

daddy ran them outside to catch snowflakes on their tongue

It started snowing Sunday, and by the afternoon the roads were seeming a little icier than expected.  We decided to stay at my parents and had planned a run to the grocery store for supplies to make some super bowl snacks.  I was all pumped for the food, and then Chris remembered he needed to get the portable ultrasound machine back to work.  Wah waaah.  Goodbye yummy snacks.  Thankfully the highway turned out to be much better than we anticipated, so the drive home wasn't too rough.  On the way I ordered some pizza for dinner and we ate while watching the game.  I was pulling for the Seahawks, so sad.  The girls really enjoyed the halftime show, and I was just stoked to see Missy Elliot.

All in all, a pretty good weekend. 

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