January 9, 2010

bump check: 27 weeks

Hello third trimester! You heard me, two down, only one to go. This week I am gracing you with my typical headless shot, as well as one that actually includes my face. I know you're excited. And I apologize in advance for the slightly longish post.

Our baby girl is nearing two pounds and is around 14.5 inches from head to heel. She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue developing, her brain is very active. While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning - with a lot of medical help - if she were born now. And any rhythmic movements that I might feel could possibly be the baby getting the hiccups. Hopefully she doesn't get them as bad as I do.

This week at my doctors appointment I got to have the lovely glucose tolerance test. Good news? I passed, yahoo! Bad news? I almost passed out after she drew my blood. It was all going fine and dandy, I was just holding the gauze on where she stuck me, and all the sudden I felt really dizzy. The nurse turned around and by the tone in her voice I obviously didn't look good. So they had to lay me down and put a cold cloth on my head yadda yadda yadda. Way to go me.

The rest of the doctors appointment went well. Baby J's heart rate is in the 130s, and both of us are doing fine. The doctor did say my belly was measuring a little bit big... she didn't say by how much, but that we would just keep an eye on it. Hopefully that means we will get to meet our little girl just a bit earlier than planned. Not too early though!

Here I am with my lovely orange glucose drink. The first few sips weren't so bad, but the drink definitely wasn't tasty. I had to chug the last of it in like a minute because it took me the whole five they allow you to get it down.

Because I'm measuring a little bit big and because I need my rhogam shot at 28 weeks, my appointments will now be every two weeks instead of every four. I feel like that will make the rest of the pregnancy go by quickly.

And random tidbit? I'm blaming my 2+ pound weight gain this week on my assistant, who so lovingly stocked our 'teacher cabinet' at work with chocolate, jelly beans and chips. Thanks Kenzie!! (You know I am enjoying every bit of that chocolate :o)

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +12.5 pounds
Maternity clothes: some of my maternity work pants are getting tight...
Stretch marks?: still none
Sleep: if only I could sleep on my stomach...
Best moment this week: passing the glucose test
Movement: she is definitely getting stronger and stronger
Food cravings: fruit
Gender: girl
What I miss: good skin
Milestones: making it to the third trimester!


Kenzie said...

yay! go me :)

Amy said...

Yay for passing the glucose test! I was happy I passed too - I don't think I could deny my little girl of her daily chocolate intake. Hahaha! :)

Oh - BTW - I am a fellow April bumpie! Feel free to follow me too. :)