January 3, 2010

our pet door

Here is a quick look at the installation of our pet door:

Right now we have the flap off of the pet door because we are having a hard time getting Sophia to go through it. She'll push on it with her paws, but won't use enough force to actually shove it open. Max on the other hand body slams the thing. I'm pretty sure it freaks him out to go through it, so he just wants to do it as fast as possible.

It is pretty funny, because they often scare each other going in and out. The past couple of days we will see one of them walking around the family room with their tail all fluffed up. You know that they either just tried to go to the basement, or came back up.

So far so good. We have moved their cat box just inside the door in the pictures, and their food is downstairs in the basement. No accidents yet! Keep your fingers crossed for us :o).

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Gia said...

We had to take the flap off of our cat door as well, because the cats wouldn't use it!!