January 26, 2010

grocery shopping gone bad :o)

Want to know what happens when you let a pregnant chick and her husband go grocery shopping without a list or any recipes in mind? You come home with the following:

apples (not so bad)
hot dogs
hot dog buns
fruit snacks
life cereal
fruit loops
fudge cookies
2 lean cuisines
peanut butter and chocolate ritz bits
trash bags

Hmmm... that is just a tad bit embarrassing. Maybe next time we will make a list...

But I'm pretty excited about our purchases!!!


AMS said...

LOL I would look on the bright side and be happy that you came home with hot dogs AND buns! Just wait until your little-one-to-be is a toddler and adds in random stuff for you! :)

Amy said...

Fruit Loops and fudge cookies!!! Sounds like what's in my cart! Hahaa!!

mackenzie said...

you got your sherbert!! YAY!