January 18, 2010

UK trip anyone?

So after seeing the adorable rocking elephant in the last picture of my previous post, I have become interested in finding my own adorable rocking animal. My amazing husband came across this one on the net:

The only problem? It is sold by a store in the UK, and as far as I can tell they only ship throughout the UK. Boo! So... if any of you plan to head to the UK any time soon, would you like to pick me up one of these?

Or, if anyone happens to know where I can find something very similar, or know of anyone who makes custom plush rocking horses (or elephants for that matter :o) please enlighten me! It would most definitely make my day.

1 comment:

christine said...

I loved this rocking elephant too. I tried to google rocking animals and came up with some pretty cute searches.