February 21, 2011

mind dump

Forgive me.  I'm dumping all that I have on the brain right now.  :o)

::  Last week Chris, Ryann and I took a trip to Target.  When we walked in the door an old woman was 'driving' by on her scooter.  She looked up at Ryann and said 'Well look at that fat face!', giggled and kept on going.  I wasn't really sure what to say to that.  It was kind of funny, and really strange all at the same time.

::  Some blogs I'm really enjoying right now...

I absolutely love reading Sharstin's blog.  My best friend passed it along to me when Shar posted a picture of my nursery as inspiration for her newest addition's room.  Her family is adorable, her crafts are great, and lately she has shared some pretty great recipes that sound delicious AND easy.  Definitely check it out.

Another blog chock full of inspiration, and some cute downloads as well.  I mentioned the girls of Eighteen 25 when I shared a link to their tutorial for a holiday planner.  Since then I have loved EVERYTHING on their blog.  If only I had more time to be creative (or uh, utilized it more wisely).  Sorry girls, that your header looks a little off... :o(

::  Ryann has three teeth coming in right now.  Two on top have been coming down for a while now (they haven't broken the gums yet), and all the sudden today I saw that one is poking up on the bottom too.  Poor kid was miserable this evening.

::  I got my craft on this weekend.  Nothing crazy, I just became best friends with yarn.  I made more than 30 yarn poms, and also wrapped a wooden 'R' in yarn.  The idea of that is great, but I highly suggest it for those of you who want to wrap an H, or an L, or maybe a T.  An O might even be easy.  But an R?  An R kind of sucked.  Especially the one I picked.  I got the idea for this from here and here.  It is going to make an appearance at the birthday party.


::  If you have any interest in making yarn poms, you can go the whole wrap it around your finger, but I highly suggest the Clover Pom maker.  It has made the process go so much faster, and I've wasted a lot less yarn.  Not to mention it helps make all the poms the same size without a lot of hassle.

::  The slap in the face transition between 74 degrees and 32 degrees really sucks.  WTF Kansas.

::  I semi-finalized a menu for Ryann's birthday party.  I'm super excited.  Too bad I can't freaking decide on an invitation design.  It is so much harder for me to design something for myself, than it is for me to design something for clients.  I have no idea why.

::  I really want to paint my nails a fun bold color.  Any suggestions?

::  I'm feeling very cluttered lately.  My house is cluttered, my mind is cluttered, my life is feeling a little cluttered.  That may not make a whole lot of sense, but is the best way for me to describe how I'm feeling lately.  My mind and emotions are going in a million different directions, and my house is a mess.  My goal over the next month is to do a little decluttering.  I'll let you know how it goes.

There are more things floating around in there, but I'll spare you from the rest of my randomness.  Good night! 


Bri {collected} said...

I hate designing for myself. It's the worst!

And I think it's the buildup to the 1st birthday that leaves you feeling out of sorts. That's what it was for me!!!

Sharstin said...

thanks for the shout out chick! of course your blog is fab:) your R looks super cute! a lot better than mine turned out~ ha~ happy monday!!

Marie said...

Those yarn letters are so fun! I might have to try that.

Hopefully blogging helped clear out that mind clutter! Sometimes it feels like are minds will explode with everything crammed in there.

I tagged you on my blog for an award:)