November 21, 2010

gift giving organization

Oh the holiday season.  How I love thee.  :o)  Minus the fact that I always feel like a crazy woman who isn't sure what to do next.

I am one of those terrible people who always end up shopping at the last minute, and therefore don't end up getting the person something that I feel is 'perfect' for them.  You think being a lover of lists that I would write it down and plan it out ahead of time.  But maybe I'll start...

Here are a couple of great ideas for being organized this holiday season!

From IHeart Organizing, a gift giving planner.  You can head over to the blog and download your own planner, where you can fill in your own family name.

Posted on Under the Sycamore by the sisters of Eighteen25, a Christmas planner.  The girls give you 10 steps and a template to download so that you can make your own Christmas planner.  What a great place to keep your gift giving ideas, recipes and more.

Going along with the notebook theme, I discussed an idea with my mom this morning.  She was talking about who she needed to get gifts for this year, and how she couldn't remember what she had given this family or that family in the last few years.  My thought?  Create a notebook like the one above (or just use a plain old notebook, whatever works) and record who you buy gifts for each year and what you get them.  Keep it with your holiday items, or in a desk drawer, and then add to it each year.  You will always know what you have gotten someone!
Maybe the rest of you are too cool to forget what you buy each year, but some of us (me!) need a little help.

Do you have any great organizational tips for the holiday season?


Gia said...

Last year I began a notebook system, like the one your mom mentioned. Now I can go back and see what I bought everyone!

Here is my blog post from last year about my system:

Erin said...

This isn't pretty or anything, but I just have a google document for each year that says what we gave each person. It's worked great!